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17 2 be physically positive. If you change your physical or bodily habits, your mind will follow suit. In order to feel happier in general, approach your physicality in a positive way. Practice good posture, standing up straight and keeping your shoulders down and back. 18 A slump will make you feel more negative. Not only will others smile back at you, but the act of smiling may convince your body that it is happier.

When you take responsibility for someone else's actions or reactions, you're actually "personalizing or assuming you're to blame if something goes wrong. You still want to avoid this type of negative thinking, but it's not the same as catastrophizing. "I'm either going to get a top grade or fail this test." Close! This kind of thinking is actually called "black and white thinking and makes you look at the world through a polarizing lens. You can combat this type of thinking by remembering that there are many shades of gray. "If I fail this test, i'm going to fail out of college." That's right! Catastrophizing is when wallpaper you take a potential outcome and imagine the worst possibilities. Chances are very high you won't fail out of college with one test, and your energy is better spent on preparing for a positive outcome than imagining a negative one. Part 3 living an Optimistic Life 1 give yourself time to change. Developing a positive outlook is actually the development of a skill. As with any skill, it takes time to master, and it requires dedicated practice and gentle reminders dark about not falling back into negative thinking.

positive thoughts essay

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For example, you might think that youre going to fail an exam youve been studying for. A catastrophizer will then extend that insecurity to assume that youll then fail the class and have to drop out of college, then end up unemployed and on welfare. If youre realistic about negative outcomes, youll realize that even if you were to fail a test, its unlikely that you would necessarily fail the course, and you would not have to drop out of college. 9 Visit a peaceful place. It can help to have a personal escape when you need to turn your attitude around. Many people find that spending a little time essay outdoors improves their mood. 15 If your workplace has an outdoor area with benches or picnic tables, schedule yourself a little down time to be outside and refresh yourself. If you are unable to physically visit an outdoor peaceful place, try meditating and visiting a pleasant outdoor area with perfect weather in your mind. 16 Score 0 / 0 "She didn't laugh at my joke, so i must not be funny." Try again!

positive thoughts essay

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Most situations have elements that are both good and bad, and it helps to recognize both. If you think this way, then you'll never see the positive in any situation. 13 For example, you may take a test and receive a c, along with feedback twist from your teacher saying that your performance improved greatly from the last test. Filtering can cause you to only think negatively about the c and ignore the fact that you have shown improvement and growth. " This is when you assume that the worst possible outcome is going to happen. 14 Catastrophizing is usually related to anxiety about performing poorly. You can combat catastrophizing with being realistic about possible outcomes of a situation.

However, this is ignoring the fact that youre likely to do better if you spend more time preparing for the test. You should also avoid thinking that the only outcomes of your test-taking are an a or. There is a lot of gray area between the a and the. Personalizing is making the assumption that you are personally to blame for anything that goes wrong. If you take this type of thinking too far, you can get paranoid and think that no one likes you or wants to hang out with you, and that every little move you make is going to disappoint someone. 12 Someone who is personalizing may think, "Betty didn't smile at me this morning. I must have done something to upset her." However, it's more likely that Betty was just having a bad day, and her mood had nothing to do with you. 7 avoid "filter thinking. " This is when you choose to only hear the negative side of a situation.

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positive thoughts essay

Positive thinking is the key to success

The same is true if you ask yourself, "How did I get to be so lucky?". Ask yourself questions which draw your eighner focus onto positive thoughts. 4 Minimize external influences that stimulate your negativity. You may find that certain kinds of music or violent video games or movies influence your overall attitude. 10 Try minimizing your exposure to stressful or violent stimuli and spend more time listening to calming music or reading. Music benefits your mind really well and books on positive thinking can provide good tips for being a happier person.

5 avoid "black-and-white thinking. " In this type of thinking, also known as polarizing, everything you encounter either is or it isn't ; pdf there are no shades of gray. This can lead people to feel as though they have to do something perfectly or not at all. 11 to avoid this type of thinking, embrace the shades of gray in life. Instead of thinking in terms of two outcomes (one positive and one negative make a list of all of the outcomes in between to see that things aren't as dire as they seem. For example, if you have a test coming up and dont feel comfortable with the subject matter, you may be tempted to not take the test or to not study for it at all, so if you fail, its because you didnt even try.

It is unlikely that you would still be in school if you always fail tests. Go back through your files or grades and find tests that you received a passing grade on; these challenge the negative thought. You may even find that you have tests that you passed with As and Bs, which would further confirm that your negativity is exaggerated. 3 Replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Once you're feeling confident that you can spot and challenge negative thoughts, you're ready to make active choices about replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. 9 This doesn't mean that everything in your life will always be positive; its normal to have a variety of emotions.

However, you can work to replacing the daily unhelpful thinking patterns with thoughts that help you to flourish. For example, if you have the thought, i will probably fail the test, stop yourself. Youve already identified the thought as negative and evaluated its accuracy. Now try replacing it with a positive thought. A positive thought doesnt have to be blindly optimistic, such as I will definitely get a 100 on the test, even if I dont study. It can be something as simple as, i am going to take time to study and prepare so i do as well on the test as I can. Use the power of questions. When you ask your brain a question, it tends to find the answer for you. If you ask yourself, "Why is life so terrible?" your brain will try to answer your question.

The power of Positive thinking

4 5, an example of an automatic negative dubai thought is, upon hearing that you have an upcoming test, you think, ill probably fail. The thought is automatic because its your initial reaction to hearing about the test. 2, challenge your negative thoughts. Even if you have spent most of your life thinking negatively, you dont have to continue being negative. Whenever you have a negative thought, particularly an automatic negative thought, stop and evaluate 6 whether the thought is true or accurate. 7 One way to challenge negative thoughts is to be objective. Write down the negative thought and think about how you would respond if someone else said the thought to you. Its likely that you could offer an objective rebuttal to someone elses negativity, even if you find it difficult to do for yourself. 8 For example, you may have the negative thought, i always fail tests.

positive thoughts essay

Mindfulness is a very effective way to reframe your negative thinking into a more positive outlook. It's a great way to change your pattern of wallpaper thinking, but won't necessarily help you to notice that pattern at first. Take responsibility for your thoughts. It's true, your thoughts are something that comes from you. But while taking responsibility for how you feel is important, it won't help you to notice any patterns in how you think or feel. Part 2, combating Negative thoughts 1, identify your automatic negative thoughts. In order to shift away from the negative thinking that is holding you back from having a positive outlook, you'll need to become more aware of your "automatic negative thoughts". When you recognize them, you're in a position to challenge them and give them their marching orders to move right out of your head.

and reflect on the information in the journal. If you write every day, you may want to reflect at the end of every week. Score 0 / 0, speak with a friend. Speaking with someone you are close to is a very valuable way of changing your thinking and moving onto a happier, more fulfilling life. Still, there are specific steps to take so you can notice the patterns of your thoughts. Theres a better option out there! Keeping a journal is the best way to find triggers or patterns in both your positive and negative thoughts. You can keep a journal in whatever way feels most natural to you, but be sure to update honestly and consistently. Read on for another quiz question.

Here are some benefits of positive thinking: An increased life span, dissertation lower rates of depression and distress. Greater resistance to the common cold. Better mental and physical well-being, better coping skills during times of stress. A more natural ability to form relationships and cement bonds 3, keep a diary to reflect your thoughts. Recording your thoughts can enable you to step back and evaluate patterns in your thinking. Write down your thoughts and feelings and try to spot any triggers that lead to either positive or negative thoughts. Taking just twenty minutes to follow your pattern of thinking at the end of every day can be a valuable way to identify your negative thoughts and make a plan to change them to positive thoughts. Your journal can take on any form that you like.

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We use cookies to make wikihow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Okay, part 1, assessing your Thinking 1, take responsibility for your attitude. You are solely responsible for your thoughts, and your outlook on life is a choice. 1, if you tend to think negatively, you are choosing to think that way. With practice, you can choose to have a more positive outlook. 2 2, understand the benefits of being a positive thinker. Choosing to think more positively will add not only help you take control of your life and make your everyday experiences more pleasant, but it can also benefit your mental and physical health as well as your ability to deal with change. Being aware of these benefits can help you be even more motivated to think positively on a regular basis.

positive thoughts essay
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  1. Types to feel quite at Home in Academic Setting. The same is true if you ask yourself, how did I get to be so lucky? Ask yourself questions which draw your focus onto positive thoughts.

  2. This essay will consider the positive and negative impacts of this and discuss ways. Thoughts,"s from Brain", an extensive collection of"tions by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers. Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you ll start having positive results. 10 Most Common, essay.

  3. Make positive thoughts a habit. Unknown"s added by: UKgirl. Positive, thinking"s Habit"s Positivity"s Advice"s. Read a model ielts computer games essay and learn how to structure a good essay.

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