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Hutchison's last term ended in 2012. Claudia taylor (Lady bird) Johnson ( ) "Lady bird" was a term of endearment used by a nursemaid to describe Claudia alta taylor. Her mother died when she was five, and an aunt helped raise her. Lady bird taylor graduated from the University of Texas in 1933. In 1934, she and Lyndon baines Johnson were married and she concentrated on raising their two daughters and helping her husband's rising political career. Long before there was a national environmental movement, lady bird Johnson was a conservationist. As first lady, she wanted to see junk yards and billboards removed from roadside view. As president, her husband supported her goals and worked to draft the highway beautification Act of 1965.

The bailey-weddington Law, for example, provided for legal assistance to rape victims. Hutchison also worked to establish equal credit for women and doll's stricter anti-rape laws. In 1976, President Gerald Ford appointed her vice-chair of the national Transportation Safety board. In 1978, she married an attorney and moved to dallas, where she served as general counsel of Republic Bank essay corp. And became a small business owner. In 1990, hutchison was elected state treasurer. She was elected to the. Senate in 1993 in a special run-off election. In 1994, she was elected to a full term in the senate. In 1996, she was considered as a vice presidential running mate for presidential candidate robert Dole and was appointed to the senate Appropriations Committee.

best history biographies

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No woman had ever held this position before. "I realized how important it was for women and children, particularly, to walk in that house and see a woman in charge she said. She retired from politics in 1995. Kay bailey hutchison (1943 ). Texas's first woman in the United States Senate graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and earned her law degree there. Unable to find a job as an attorney because few firms were then hiring women, she became the first woman to work as a television reporter in houston in 1967, where she covered politics. After interviewing fellow Texan Anne Armstrong during her service as vice chair of the republican National Committee, hutchison became Armstrong's press secretary and moved to washington. In 1972, hutchison was the first Republican woman elected to the texas house of Representatives. During two terms there, hutchison worked alongside democrats to pass reform legislation improving the status oliver of women.

best history biographies

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"Mother is not a maid delco told her children, and she and her husband, Exalton, created a "work wheel" to assign chores to themselves and each child. In 1973 she was a founder of Austin Community college, and in 1974 she was elected to the texas business house of Representatives. She prepared herself by "doing my homework" so that no one could accuse her of being unprepared. She fought for child welfare, licensing day care, school finance reform and protection against child abuse. One of the accomplishments about which she was most proud was the passage of a bill that allowed the state's historically black university, prairie view, to become part of the texas a m system and gain access to the 5 billion Permanent University fund, which. The school named a building in her honor. In 1991, she was named Speaker Pro tempore, second in command in the house.

In 1963, she used 5,000 and a muleskinner's formula for skin care to found Mary kay cosmetics. She eventually built it into the country's second largest direct-sales cosmetics company with.7 billion in sales in 1994. Mary kay's business motto was "God first, family second, career third." Believing that women are more inclined to put their families before their jobs, she developed a way for them to sell her products from their homes while they cared for their families. She advised women not to work to the exclusion of everything else, but to achieve balance in their lives. Mary kay ash used a system of encouragement and rewards, giving away prizes such as jewelry, trips, cash, mink coats, and the most famous emblem of the company, pink cadillacs. Wilhelmina fitzgerald Delco (1929 wilhelmina delco experienced many "firsts" in her life: first African American elected to the austin Independent School District board of Trustees, first African American elected to represent Travis county in the texas house of Representatives, and first woman appointed Speaker Pro. Her presence on the austin school board in 1968 helped speed school desegregation, and in 1969 she was named one of Austin's outstanding women of the year. Serving on the school board took time from caring for the home, but she turned that into a family lesson.

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best history biographies

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In our attempt to create the kent best site possible we've added a user survey. Please take a couple of moments to fill it out. We appreciate your input. Historical Documents, while our document collection only contains the declaration of Independence, we hope to add other documents in the near future and to provide each document's historical background. Designed and Edited by, john Vinci.

Last modified Auguest 21, 2008. Terms of use: Private home/school non-commercial, non-Internet re-usage only is allowed of any text, graphics, photos, audio clips, other electronic files or materials from The history Place. About Best Sellers in biography history. These lists, updated hourly, contain bestselling items. Here you can discover the best biography history in Amazon Best Sellers, and find the top 100 most popular Amazon biography history. Mary kay ash (1918? 2001 mary kay ash was a multi-millionaire businesswoman from Dallas who made her fortune selling cosmetics and contracting with other women and men to sell the line of make-up named after her.

Featured founding founder, gouverneur Morris, the peg-legged, anti-slavery delegate from Pennsylvania spoke more on the floor of the constitutional Convention than any of the other founding fathers. As Jefferson was chosen to draft the declaration of Independence, morris was chosen to write the first draft of the constitution. Colonial Hall is now proud to have the first seven chapters of the full-length biography of gouverneur Morris, by jared Sparks. The declaration of IndependenceA line by line history. Most are familiar with the beginning of the declaration of Independence, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit.

Find out the history behind the accusations in the declaration from historian Benson. Biographies, colonial Hall now has the biographies of 111 founding fathers and 34 biographies of their wives. Historic Sites, new for 2007! We've just added a new section on the homes of the founding fathers along with other historic sites of interest. Biographies with New Portraits, not only have we recently purchased the portraits of 20 founding fathers from Independence national Historic Park, we have also been travelling around the country taking pictures of their homes. Little by little you can expect to see these photographs and portraits added to our site. The following is a list of biographies with these new pictures: Help make colonial Hall Better.

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Pirate fun, you may be interested in buying. Pirate costume for your Halloween party. You can also browse a selection of Jolly roger. Pirate Flags and other pirate related products. Home, biographies -signers of the gpa declaration -signers of the. signers of the. Constitution -wives of the signers -Other founders, documents, forum, fAQs, search. Documents of Freedom, reproductions of America's four most important documents on authentic-looking parchment paper.

best history biographies

Our suggestions are made not only based on educational merit, but also on whether or not the books are enjoyable and fun to read. Save some time by browsing our selection. Check out all of our recommendations for adult and kids. Pirates Message board, pirates message boards with a massive archive of messages on scholarly, and other pirate related topics. Great place to ask other pirate enthusiasts about research issues related to piracy. We also provide a section for children, regarding homework, a section on pirate movies, and lots more. Check out our feature rich pirate discussion business with over 40,000 messages. A lively pirates community!

our. Pirate facts and Pirate legends section. Famous Pirates, read about famous pirates that have left their mark on history. Learn about the female pirates, mary read and Anne bonny, and a few other women pirates! Acquaint yourself with exciting swashbuckling tales about Edward teach, also known as Blackbeard the pirate! Read over 20 different pirate biographies on our. Pirate books, pirate books for kids and adults available for purchase and also readable on-line. Get recommendations for adult and children's pirate books which are written by renowned authors.

Many people are surprised to know that Middle Age piracy was rampant and a serious problem for trade. Julius caesar struggled with the roman Era pirates and today many seas are still plagued as Modern Piracy is common off the coast of Somalia. There is no doubt that pirates had resume and will continue to have a tremendous impact on the history of civilization! View all of our. History of Pirates content. Pirate facts and Pirate legends, for every pirate fact there are scores of pirate legends. With numerous fictional pirate stories came also romantic idealized interpretations of pirate life. Treasure Island, one of the best known fictional accounts of piracy, still instills ideas of pirate parrots, eye patches and peg legs into the imaginations of new generations of readers. Learn the truth and origins of these misconceptions about pirates.

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Maritime pirate history website, welcome to pirates! Fact and Legend a web site devoted to martime pirate history and all topics related to piracy. Our site is divided into serveral sections: Famous Pirates, history of Pirates, pirate facts and Pirate legends. Also check out our, pirates Message boards and. Use the links at the top of this page to navigate or scroll down for a description below. Pirates History, visit our History of Piracy section for links to articles about pirates throughout important time periods. Read about popular subjects such as Pirates of the caribbean and how pirate history affected government, life, trade, and more. Read about Ancient Pirates and learn about the first mention of piracy in 1350BC. Almost everyone is familiar with, a period popularized by books and media, the golden Age essay of Piracy.

best history biographies
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  1. Tune into this wrestling encyclopedia to witness the wrestler biographies and wrestling history of your favorite wwf and tna wrestlers. The following list of biographies is intended to be representative, not all-inclusive. For more information about the women whose biographies appear below or to learn about other women, please visit the major Resource websites on our learn More page.

  2. For all the differences between Nixon and lbj, i was. Sponsored by the association for library service to children a division of the American Library Association. Pirates History essays, read, history of Piracy books, Original Pirate, history articles, wiki pirate. Biographies content, view, history of, pirates items, Academic Famous, pirates compositions.

  3. Discover the best biographies history Graphic novels in, best, sellers. The, best biographies of Richard Nixon June 11, 2018. Five months, twelve biographies, 8,200 pagesand one insufferably inscrutable politician.

  4. History, timeline, biography, culture, arts, customs, cuisine. Home page site search Sights activities Localities Places good Travel Faqs. Discover the best biography history in, best, sellers. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon books.

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