Writing a paper about myself

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My family is quite large. I have a mother, a father, a sister and a brother. There are five of us in the family. First of all Ill tell you something about my parents. My mother is a teacher of biology. She works at school.

I like to spend this time with my thesis family. Sometimes we all go to the cinema, or to some concert. In winter we go skiing or just walk in the country. As ive said before, i plan to enter the university next year. I am quite good at English, and i am interested in the culture homework of Great Britain, usa and other English-speaking countries, so i want to go on with English at the University. I do not know exactly what I will do after graduating from the university, but Im sure Ill find a good job as an interpreter or a teacher or something like that, because the English language is very popular now and everybody needs. About Myself 3, every family where each member is responsible for its comfort, success in work, health and good spirits must be a strong unit. We ought not to forget that we are all members of society and the family is the most important thing for each. The children whose parents take proper care of them are very grateful to them either now or afterwards when they become grown-ups. Now I want to tell you a few words about my family.

writing a paper about myself

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But when I have some free time in the evening, i like to read a writing good book. My favourite russian writer is Anton Chekhov. As Im studying English, i read a lot of books by English authors. I try to read them in English, but this is not always easy. When there is a good film on tv, i watch it with all my family. I also like music, classical as well as modern. I have a tape-recorder and I like to listen to some tapes when i am doing my homework, but my parents think it is bad for my work. I have more free time during weekends.

writing a paper about myself

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We are a very united family. I am a pupil in the eleventh form of a secondary school. I finish school this year. I want to enter the university. That is why i have needed to study twice as hard as an ordinary pupil does. I do not only do my best at school; i also attend a preparatory course at the university. As you can understand, Im rather a busy person.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Anne. My surname is Petrova. I am seventeen years old. My birthday is September. I live in saint Petersburg with my family. Our family is quite big: there are five of us — father, mother, brother, sister and.

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writing a paper about myself

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In the evening i often read newspapers (our local ones) or magazines. I like fresh air and exercise. Im sorry i have not much time for doing sports. But some aerobics in the morning, a essay swimming-pool twice a week, a ski-walk on a frosty day are of great help. I have a wide circle of interests. Im very sociable, so i get a way with people.

I have many friends, most of them are my class-mates. We spend much time together, going out to the cinema or to the disco party, speaking about lessons and music, discussing our problems. But most of all I like my family. We all are great friends and deeply attached to each other. You see, for its me — a person with his good and not good characteristics, liking this and hating that. But its interesting for me to live, to open new things.

To tell the truth, all school subjects come easy for me but sometimes. I have to sit much, for example, to do lessons in Physics or Chemistry, to write a composition or to learn a poem by heart. But my favourite subject is English. I spend much time on it reading books, doing tests etc. May be, english and learning it will be a part of my future carreer.

I think comics and detective stories are much easier to read but I prefer to read novels — historical or up-to-date. My musical tastes are different, but it depends on my mood. But I think every apple is good in its season. I play the piano and the guitar, not seriously, but for my soul. Sometimes I like to listen to the russian classical music. My favourite composers are Chaikovsky and mozart. I dont like rock music, but I like and. Also i like russian folk songs. I have not much time to watch iv but sometimes I spend an hour or two watching an interesting film or a news programme.

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I was born in 1982 in Chelyabinsk. I live in a small town of Usinsk in the komi republic. My address is Flat 116, 19, pionerskaya street. My phone number is 41-5-81. I am a pupil. I go to school Numbers. I am a good paper pupil. I do well in all plan subjects. They say, that i am a hardworking person.

writing a paper about myself

I took to reading historic books, books about adventures. I read very much technics books about computers and all that connect to it such as mathematics, phisics, programming and others. Now I think about this, i come to the conclusion I should be grateful to my parents for this habit: they themselves read much and encourage my reading. I am sure books will be my friends all my life. In my last year of schooling i often wondered what I would be in future, what sphere of life i should choose. After a number of heated discussions with my parents and friends I decided to dwell my choice write on applied mathematics. I think i shall make a good mathematician. About Myself 2, my name is Natalia. My surname is govorova.

school I didnt cause much trouble to my parents. But I did make them worry because i used to come home rather late. The thing is I went in for swimming and our training finished at about. I lived far from the swimming-pool, so it took me quite a lot of time to get home. When at school I fell into the habit of reading a lot. At first I read everything I caught hold of but the order I grew the more definite my tastes in books became.

I literally had to do an outline then a rough draft and then type up my paper in that forty minutes. As to my instructor since i know he will probably read this i am not complaining. All i am saying is the whole timed thing not a good idea since everyone will be at a different writing level especially in the beginning. Regardless it was a good kick in the right direction and helped me dive into the course and what was required. About Myself, about Myself 1, my name is Sasha. I was born to a family of a sailor plan on a submarine. My family is not small. There are four.

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For my first english assignment I plan was assigned to write a paper about my goals it was a short paper and it was timed. I had to write it and edit in forty minutes. Since the course was mostly online and I was at home while writing it it was an integrity thing. Well I wrote it in forty minutes like i was told to, that was my mistake since i was graded pretty hard on my format errors. I like to be an honest person, but I had not written a paper in over five years before that one. Needless to say it was rough and could have been much better if I had been given more time. I am not fast at typing or getting things down in such a short period of time.

writing a paper about myself
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To tell the truth, all school subjects come easy for me but sometimes. I have to sit much, for example, to do lessons in Physics or Chemistry, to write a composition or to learn a poem by heart. My name is Sasha.

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  1. A paper about myself. July 9, for my first english assignment I was assigned to write a paper about my goals it was a short paper and it was timed. My name is Natalia.

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  4. Writing a story about yourself isn't as easy as telling it, but with a few simple rules and pointers, you can. It takes organizing your thoughts, getting an idea of where the story is going and, finally, just writing. I'm writing my paper myself now.

  5. I'm seventeen years old. I'm at 11-th grade. There are two more kids in the family besides - my elder brother Oleg and my younger sister Maria. True, but not everyone is a natural writer.

  6. Wilsey, watching all of myself. First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Taras.

  7. Anti Essays offers essay examples to help students with their essay writing. Below is an essay on "About Myself " from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Yourself questions as deeply as i'm trying to benefit from a paper. To write essays about myself essay about the island of a computer and i think about myself three body's?

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