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Harvey weinstein and, kevin Spacey, who seem unlikely to ever recover the status they once held. Maybe someday, james Gunn will be re-embraced, provided he doesn't fall back into his old habits. More: Why james Gunn Was Fired From guardians of the galaxy vol. Source: ew, tags: guardians of the galaxy, guardians of the galaxy 2, guardians of the galaxy 3, give screen Rant a thumbs up! The dark Knight: Gambol Originally survived The joker's Attack. Email, looking for an ad free experience on ScreenRant? Get your Free access Now! More in movie news.

All I can do now, beyond offering my sincere and heartfelt regret, is to mother be the best human being I can be: accepting, understanding, committed to equality, and far more thoughtful about my public statements and my obligations to our public discourse. To everyone inside my industry and beyond, i again offer my deepest apologies. While gunn's statement above is a refreshingly sincere apology, sadly, it's unlikely to reverse disney's decision. Guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 will move ahead without Gunn at the helm, as will any further sequels involving the team of quirky heroes. Some fans are already suggesting someone like. Thor: Ragnarok director taika waititi or, ant-Man the wasp director peyton reed be drafted to replace him, but at this juncture, it's far too early to know whether that has a realistic chance of happening. In the end, one wonders whether Gunn will eventually be able to reclaim his career as a filmmaker, if not his role as helmer of the. As downright disgusting as many found his resurfaced comments, the fact remains that there is currently no evidence available to suggest that Gunn's admittedly "wildly insensitive" jokes are related to his actual treatment of other people offline. Therefore, he's not quite in the same realm of Hollywood disgrace as accused serial sex offenders like.

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Related: What Happens to guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 Without James Gunn? Now, following his subsequent firing, gunn has released an official public statement on the matter, via. The tone of this statement is a lot more explicitly apologetic than Gunn's earlier tweet thread, and sees the writer/director take full responsibility for his past behavior, and make dark it clear that he understands why disney made the business decision that they did. Read his full statement below: my words of nearly a decade ago were, at the time, totally failed and unfortunate efforts to be provocative. I have regretted them for many years since — not just because they were stupid, not at all funny, wildly insensitive, and certainly not provocative like i had hoped, but also because they dont reflect the person i am today or have been for some. Regardless of how much time has passed, i understand and accept the business decisions taken today. Even these many years later, i take full responsibility for the way i conducted myself then.

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If your identity puts you at risk, anonymous browsing and posting anonymously on forums are of critical importance. Anonymous browsing helps prevent data mining which keeps your data and identity secret. Learn More, sign Up Now. Embattled, guardians of the galaxy director James Gunn issues an official statement on his firing by disney, due to resurfaced offensive tweets. Needless to say, the announcement that Gunn had been let go from the mcu sub-franchise he served as the primary creative force behind came as a shock to pretty much everyone. After all, gunn recently finished penning his first draft of the script for, guardians of the galaxy vol. 3, which is set to begin filming in early 2019, or at least it was before all this happened. When Gunn's past tweets were first brought back into the limelight earlier today, the director responded to the matter with a five-post Twitter thread not quite mattress apologizing for the tweets in question, but instead offering the explanation that he had grown and changed in the. He also made it clear that the offensive posts in question were just that, jokes, and were not meant to reflect how James Gunn the man actually lives his life.

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On a scale of one to statement, its right there at the top. But dont let that put you off; donning patterned tailoring doesnt have to end in disaster and regret. Think of where youll be wearing it, says menswear writer Tom courcey. If its for a formal occasion then avoid, unless youre certain it homework wont break the dress code. If going to dinner at a restaurant or a summer wedding, a bold windowpane check suit will work perfectly in a grey or blue hue. If a full patterned two-piece feels a little too statement, try toning it down by using separates, such as a patterned grey windowpane check blazer anchored with simple black trousers. Domain Names, register, manage or renew your

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Its our ancestors turning in their graves. They may never again be everyday staples, but for summer holidays, a wide brim hat like a panama or fedora offers an easy way to send your style stock skyrocketing. The best way to pull off a wide brim hat is to feel comfortable wearing it, says noel Stewart, creative director of historic London milliner Christys. Play with the hat on your head in the mirror (preferably two mirrors so you can see how the shape affects your silhouette. In short, confidence is vital.

Once youve scored that, the hat (depending on its colour and material) can be put to work in a range of outfits both smart and casual. Key pieces Coloured Lens Sunglasses The return of the nineties isnt just bringing with it old-school denim trends; coloured lens sunglasses are also back in the game. Fortunately, were not talking those wraparound ski goggle types that were essentially more popular than eyes at the time, but something a little more stylish. Choosing the right colour lenses boils down to two main factors: where you are wearing them and your individual look, says david Lochhead, co-founder of British eyewear brand Finlay. Dark grey or deep blue lenses are perfect if you prefer a minimal look and wear predominantly neutral colours. To signpost that youre more menswear maverick and less Croc-wearing tourist, always seek out a pair that suits your face shape. Classic Clubmaster styles are a good catch-all for most people. Key pieces Patterned suit In the world of menswear theres bold, and then theres patterned suit bold.

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Derbies and essay an, oxford shirt, or hit the middle ground with athleisure pieces that give off sportswear vibes without the need to drop into a half pipe. Key pieces, neckerchief, neckerchiefs are near peak wardrobe statement, and unfortunately, the line between cabin crew and cool is alarmingly thin. But while this bandana-style accessory serves little-to-no functional purpose, when the worn correctly, it can look damn good. The best way to pull off the summer neck scarf is to make sure its not interfering with or being covered by any high collars, says stylist. Nas Abraham, who has worked with the likes of Adidas, river Island and Hackett. By this suggestion, look to grandad collar shirts, lightweight knitwear and T-shirts in block colours to let the neck scarf speak for itself. Key pieces Wide Brim Hat With the exception of the baseball cap, which seems to be having another season in the spotlight, few modern men are willing to doff to the art of wearing a hat. That sound you hear?

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As softly stylish as they are, pastel blazers tend to scream human try-hard, so keep things simple. Shahs go-to combinations include a crisp white shirt for the day and a black roll neck in the evening. But they can also be deployed as part of a smart separates look (either contrasting or tonal casually over a t-shirt, or used to soften a more rugged denim or chambray button-down. No matter which option you choose, swerve the cliché boat shoes in favour of loafers or clean sneakers. Key pieces, relaxed, Cropped jeans, weve lost count of the number of times the nineties have made a comeback (for better or worse). This season the decade is returning (yet again and theres nothing more nostalgic than a pair of cropped jeans. Whereas the first time around cropped jeans got the full-on grunge treatment, for a more wearable look tone down your inner Kurt Cobain and smarten things. Cropped jeans should be cut with a relaxed fit and worn with half cab shoes or desert boots, says Johan Lindstedt, a denim designer. To reclaim looser fits from the skate world, try dressing them up with.

shirts base colour is dark and short sleeves are rolled slightly to minimise any whiff of novelty. Styling-wise, opt for smart chinos or tailored trousers and wear the shirt buttoned up or open over a plain T-shirt. For a next-level move, try tucking the shirt in for a sleek finish. Key pieces, pastel Blazer. Despite what many think, your surname doesnt have to be gatsby for you to be able to pull off a pastel blazer. Already one of the seasons key fashion trends, frankly theyre a no-brainer. A pastel blazer may seem a daring choice, but its a versatile and easy way to dress for spring/summer, says stylist. Ozzy shah, who has dressed the likes of Olly murs and Jim Chapman.

If those ankles are as white as the trousers, its advisable to slap a small amount of tan on them, or you risk looking like youre wearing sports socks. While tonal outfits in shades of black, thank navy and even beige are a solid choice, when it comes to white field suggests breaking up the look to avoid any sailor jibes. Style the trousers with something that isnt white. Preferably a knit in a neutral colour or navy for a classic, nautical look. Key pieces, floral Shirt, we love the minimal, painfully tasteful Nordic menswear movement as much as the next pseudo-Scandinavian dresser, but (dare we say it) sometimes it gets a bit, well, boring. Whats the antithesis to boring? A floral shirt, of course.

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Bank statements, police statements, damage limitation statements; the consensus on statements is that theyre no good thing. However, statement looks when approached with the right amount of chutzpah can fast-track you from middle of the road to menswear maestro. We know, we know, statement pieces often create the kind of outfits that lead to well-meaning celebrities ending up being mercilessly mocked in the webs comment sections or immortalised via memes. But fear not, because weve tapped the advice of some of the fashion industrys most clued-up so you can reap the rewards of dressing daringly with minimal chance of online annihilation. White Trousers, stating the obvious: white trousers may as well be physically moulded from Marmite because of their ability to polarise opinion. Everyone has something to say about white legwear, and more often than not they arent fans. But there are ways to keep the haters at bay. Ensure your white trousers are cut slim and not too long at the hem, so showing a bit of ankle, says. Reiss head of menswear design, Alex field.

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Combine ingredients, serve in a lovely cover letter for technical writer job silver tureen. Yet, they will be able to single out specific responsibilities they held in their past jobs that are applicable to this post. A new website examining 100 years of fire service history has been launched today (9 April) as part of plans to mark the centenary of the fire Brigades Union (FBU).

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