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He talks about his family, and passion for liverpool. My parents are the most important people in my life. My father has been my inspiration, i have learned from his experiences and guidance. I love how he even today motivates me to improve. His presence in my life is a big reason why i am sitting here doing this interview with you. My mother has been my emotional support from my childhood. I couldnt have made it through the tough times without her. Her confidence in me has given me strength to pursue my dreams.

Adhip Gupta will provide the company with strategic guidance and thought leadership to take it to new levels of success. Here we have snippets of his interview with. My motto in life? Always strived for more and never level stagnate. I, as Gandhi said, learn as if I were to live forever, live as if I were to die today. My mba education at mit sloan provided me with the tools and skill-set to launch my career in strategy consulting. I used the theories that I learnt in school to solve real world business problems, while working at McKinsey. These experiences gave me the strong foundation to succeed in strategy planning and management. After working at McKinsey for five years, Adhip worked at google as Senior Director, commercial Strategy where he managed corporate strategy, strategic marketing and business development. The business daily a peek into success stories 1st January 2025.Life and Times of Adhip Gupta moving on to his personal life.

mit optional essay

Mit sloan essay

To aect sports in some way or the other. ParBcipaBng in the First Pitch case compebbon helped me do that. ParBcipaBng in the 100k at Sloan was the ideal way to use dissertation my The experience at Sloan technical and business skills in opened a whole . I made lasBng friendships and learned by interacBng w i t h m y p e e r s a t t h e the Sports AnalyBcs Conference technology and . I student clubs. Have always wanted to use my skills. The business daily a peek into success stories 1st January 2025 Adhip Gupta appointed Vice President of Strategy at Apple a peek into the life and work of Adhip Gupta.

mit optional essay

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His Adhip used his problemsolving and analytical skills to develop great products. His effective work over the course of the year got him a well deserved promotion much before any of his peers. All hail the President: His excellent work as President of Santa Clara Sweet Talkers interests toastmasters Club to increase membership is hailed by the toastmasters community. The vp of Education talks about Adhips passion: he loves the club, and has done exceptionally well to lead the club as its President. He makes inclusive decisions for the betterment of the members. Adhips confidence and he has also mentored many leadership qualities are new members and inspired them to become better difficult to find. The mit journal 15th August 2017 Sloans very best Cambridge, ma the perfect love story budding strategy analyst describes his love affair with mit sloan Adhip, working as a strategy analyst at McKinsey recounts his . 100k and Sports Analytics Conference we had countless night-outs discussing and debaBng case studies, current aairs and sports.

He   was   as   excited   about technology   as   for   extra- curricular   acbvibes.   He   was the   head   of   Public   RelaBons. Ieee   and   also   represented the   college   in   football   and volleyball. The bay area news, october 6th 2013, technology superstars. Santa Clara, ca, meet Oracles. Smart and Innovative leader. Adhips manager speaks about excellence at work.

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mit optional essay

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The liverpool Echo 17th December 2010, you will never Walk Alone, liverpool,. Biggest liverpool fc fan graduates from georgia tech. Hired by it giant. Adhip Gupta, the biggest fan of, liverpool football Club in the world, graduated from georgia tech today. One of his Professors says : He is crazy about liverpool. Football Club and his life revolves around .

he brought the same passion to the classroom and used that to excel in all his endeavors. His perfect gpa is a tesBmony of his intelligence sigma and hard work, and shows his desire to be the very best. His Professor from undergrad reiterates. a d h i p i s o n e o f t h e smartest avatar student I have taught. He was mulB- faceted, and strived for overall development.

I understood that a consulting job would offer me opportunities to act in the front office and to help companies to achieve success, by sharing our expertise through presentations. After five years at Deloitte, i see that I made the right decision, as I have had the opportunity to participate in many of the largest merger and acquisitions transactions in the country, frequently facilitating Integration and divestiture workshops. Conducting an Integration Workshop for one of our clients. Even though the experiences with plays and throughout my career helped me to develop some business skills, i now need to take these to a distinctive level in order to reach higher positions in the future. By offering a flexible curriculum, allowing the student to choose the courses to address ones specific hard and soft skills gaps, the mit sloan mba will be of substantial importance for me to close the gaps and become a leader at Deloitte in the future. I am personally looking forward to contributing to the organization of mba events in the mit community such as the.

Breaking the mold Conference led by the, sloan Women in Management Club. Graduating from a male-dominated major and working in a similar field, i see the importance of a community that works to construct opportunities for women and inspires women to aim higher. As one of the three finalists of the deloitte notable women Award 2015, i won a necklace from Deloitte. I look forward for leveraging the lessons I learned in school and putting them into practice during the two years at the. Only by being prepared in such intellectual environment I will be able to take center stage in making an impact that matters at Deloitte and in my own community. Successfully reported this slideshow. Mit optional Essay, upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, be the first to like this. No downloads, no notes for slide.

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Theater classes at school prepared myself to speak in any situation mom I would face in the future. They taught me critical techniques for a good presentation, such as to adjust the tone of my voice and the speed of my speech so that the audience could listen to what I was saying. Furthermore, i learned that to present a successful play i must have the discipline to study the script and to take rehearsals seriously. I knew that as in our plays, i would only have success in other subjects at school if I paid attention to class and studied diligently outside the classroom. These valuable lessons helped me to graduate in high school and university as summa cum laude. But more surprisingly, it helped me to be named Valedictorian in an area dominated by male students. Delivering my speech at the Production/civil Engineering graduating ceremony in August 2011. At the beginning of university, i still was not sure which area i wanted to focus on, so, as an intern, i dedicated myself to experiencing different areas of expertise and to finding the one that most inspired. I felt the spark while interning for a consulting firm.

mit optional essay

I can help others realize that the decisions they make can have tangible and real consequences for our marine life, and thus ourselves. I feel lucky to have interacted with sharks in their natural habitat on many of my 214 dives. I will continue to be a voice for them a small gesture of appreciation for the oceans that have been a big part of my life and inspiration. Disclaimer: This is NOT a real National Geographic cover essay or article; it is a creative rendition for the purposes of MIT Sloan admissions Only. For many people is very hard to stand in front of an audience. However, early in my life i learned that this uncomfortable situation could be very satisfying if I looked as an opportunity to connect with the audience. Acting in one of the high schools plays.

finning, and environmental degradation. I became devoted to representing the most misunderstood species on our planet. I strongly believe that my generation will be defined by how well we protect our planet. Terrifyingly, humans kill nearly 100 million sharks every year. As a professional diver who understands the disastrous consequences of shark loss, i feel an intense sense of responsibility and urgency to raise awareness by educating others and sharing my experiences. Swimming with sharks opened my eyes to a different perspective on approaching the unknown and helped shape how I plan to impact the world. I learned to harness fear by thinking creatively and taking risks, while still respecting the amazing creatures with which we share our planet. As a future business leader, i will promote sustainable practices, becoming a microcosm for change.

Hooked, small i dove again near Chumphon, Thailand, and was graced with the presence of three stunning, five-foot-long, bull sharks. Feet away from a species labeled as one of the most dangerous, i was initially paralyzed with fear. Unexpectedly, however, my fear quickly turned into admiration and respect. I moved with them as long as I could, holding on to what became one of the most transformational experiences in my life. Those bull sharks led me on a journey to discover my passion for marine and shark conservation. I was fascinated by the enigmatic power and grace of sharks. I learned of their importance to our planet, yet also realized that they were in trouble. In 2010, i moved. Koh tao, thailand to pursue my dream of becoming a professional divemaster and joined Thailands leading dive school, bans diving, as a student and freelance dive-guide.

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Simon paulin, mit sloan School of Management, mba optional Admissions Essay. Round ii application for Fall 2016. Twin peaks dive Site, Koh tao, thailand. Photos by Simon Paulin. Passion to Protect iving with Sharks by simon paulin. D about the author: Simon paulin is a professional, divemaster whose early encounters with sharks inspired him to promote awareness. Ten years ago, i encountered my first shark 30 meters underwater near Pulau redang, off the northeast coast of Malaysia. She was a black-tip reef for shark, and I recall vividly her effortless and majestic beauty.

mit optional essay
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As a challenge, i told everyone that if this channel reaches 5,000 subscribers, then I would do a mile long wheelie. Hand -held barrel design.

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  1. It s a whole-of-government service providing essential information on planning, starting and growing your business. The res ume begins with the applicant s contact information. However, to become a high performing organization, to grow rapidly, a company really needs a planning and monitoring process. Kolte patil is the top real estate builders in Pune.

  2. Especially mit is a place that asks for people who do things, not those who do use the megaphone (mens to manus). Some mba programs, like mit sloan and insead, give applicants the chance to write a supplemental (not optional ) essay.

  3. Now opinions vary on whether you should or shouldnt send in the harvard Optional Essay. Transcript of Ken Srebro - mit optional Essay. But the best move for him to make next is to cambridge This involvement has ranged from dressing as a teletubbie at an Indiana University. This is an 'optional ' essay.

  4. Like a lot of other business schools, babson offers you the opportunity to submit an optional essay, that is, an essay in addition to the three required. Mit optional Essay — patricia barbosa. For many people is very hard to stand in front of an audience. I 'm rethinking taking that advice because it's hard to write the optional essay without evidence that i've grown to be a more dedicated student.

  5. The liverpool Echo 17th December 2010 you will never Walk Alone liverpool, uk biggest liverpool fc fan graduates from georgia tech. The optional essay is an opportunity for you to explain problems or issues that the admissions committee will likely notice anyway, and by proactively addressing the topic. Simon paulin mit sloan School of Management mba optional Admissions Essay.

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