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Secondly, by apprenticeship to a great man: One day a great biologist walks into the laboratory; he stops in front of our student's desk; he leans over, picks up the dogfish, and ignoring instruments and procedure, probes with a broken fingernail into the little carcass. Now here is a curious business he says, ignoring also the proper jargon of the specialty. Look here how this little duct reverses its direction and drops into the pelvis. Now if you would look into a coelancanth, you would see that it- and all at once the student can see. The technician and the sophomore who loves his textbook are always offended by the genuine research man because the latter is usually a little vague and always humble before the thing; he doesn't have much use for the equipment or the jargon. Whereas the technician is never vague and never humble before the thing; he holds the thing disposed of by the principle, the formula, the textbook outline; and he thinks a great deal of equipment and jargon. But since neither of these methods of recovering the dogfish is pedagogically feasible-perhaps the great man even less so than the bomb-i wish to propose the following educational technique which should prove equally effective for Harvard and Shreveport High School.

To refer to the dogfish, the unique concrete existent before him, as a specimen of Squalus acanthias reveals by its grammar the spoliation of the dogfish by the theoretical method. This phrase, specimen of, example of, instance of, indicates the ontological status of the individual creature in the eyes of the theorist. The dogfish itself is seen as a rather shabby expression of an ideal reality, the species Squalus acanthias. The result is the radical devaluation of the individual dogfish. If we look into the ways in which the student can recover the dogfish (or the sonnet we will see that they have in common the stratagem of avoiding the educator's direct presentation of the object as a lesson to be learned, and restoring access. In truth, the biography of scientists and poets is usually the story of the discovery of the indirect approach, the circumvention of the educator's presentation-the young man who was sent to the technikum and on his way fell into the habit of loitering in book. However it may come about, we notice two traits of the second situation: (1) an openness of the thing before one-instead of being an exercise to be learned according to an approved mode, it is a garden of delights which beckons to one; (2). One can think of two sorts of circumstances through which the thing may be restored to the person. (There is always the direct recovery: A student may simply be strong enough, brave enough, clever enough to take the dogfish and the sonnet by storm, to wrest control of it from the educators and the educational package.) First by ordeal: The bomb falls; when. Now all at once he can see it, directly and without let, just as the exile or the prisoner or the sick man sees the sparrow at his window in all its inexhaustibility; just as the commuter who has had a heart attack sees his. In these cases, the simulacrum of everydayness and of consumption life has been destroyed by disaster; in the case of the bomb, literally destroyed.

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The dogfish is concealed in the same symbolic package as the sonnet. But the dogfish suffers an additional loss. As a consequence of this double deprivation, the sarah Lawrence student who scores a in zoology is apt to know very little about a dogfish. She is twice removed from the dogfish, once by the symbolic complex by which the the dogfish is concealed, once again by the spoliation of the dogfish by theory which renders it invisible. Through no fault of zoology instructors, it is nevertheless a fact that homework the zoology laboratory at Sarah Lawrence college is one of the few places in the world where it is all but impossible to see a dogfish. The student comes to his desk. On it, neatly arranged by his instructor, he finds his laboratory manual, a dissecting board, instruments, and a mimeographed list: Exercise 22 materials: 1 dissecting board 1 scalpel 1 forceps 1 probe 1 bottle india ink and syringe 1 specimen of Squalus acanthias The clue. The phrase specimen of expresses in the most succinct way imaginable the radical character of the loss of being which has occurred under his very nose.

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Does he recall the poem or does he recall the smell of the page and the smell of Miss Hawkins? one might object, pointing out that Huxley's citizen reading his sonnet in the ruins and the falkland Islander looking at his dogfish on the beach also receive them in a certain homework package. Yes, but the difference lies in the fundamental placement of the student in the world, a placement which makes it possible to extract the thing from the package. The pupil at Scarsdale. High sees himself placed as a consumer receiving an experience-package; but the falkland Islander exploring his dogfish is a person exercising the sovereign right of a person in his lordship and mastery of creation. He too could use an instructor and a book and a technique, but he would use them as his subordinates, just as he uses his jackknife. The biology student does not use his scalpel as an instrument, he uses it as a magic wand! Since it is a scientific instrument it should do scientific things.

The sonnet and the dogfish are obscured by two different processes. The sonnet is obscured by the symbolic package which is formulated not by the sonnet itself but by the media through which the sonnet is transmitted, the media which the educators believe for some reason to be transparent. The new textbook, the type, the smell of the page, the classroom, the aluminum windows and the winter sky, the personality of Miss Hawkins-these media which are supposed to transmit the sonnet may only succeed in transmitting themselves. It is only the hardiest and cleverest of students who can salvage the sonnet from this many-tissued package. It is only the rarest student who knows that the sonnet must be salvaged from the package. (The educator is well aware that something is wrong, that there is fatal gap between the student's learning and the student's life: The student reads the poem, appears to understand it, and gives all the answers. But what does he recall if he should happen to read a shakespeare sonnet twenty years later?

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la essay

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Do not forget to start each paragraph with a topic sentence which summarises what the paragraph is about. linking words and phrases should also be used to join one paragraph with the other. Works consulted, taken from "Successful Writing Proficiency" by virginia evans. Quick Academic Help, related Pages: How to write good hooks for Essays. The loss of the creature, from, walker.

Percy, the loss of the Creature, 1954. A young Falkland Islander walking along a beach and spying a dead dogfish and going to work on it with his jackknife has, in a fashion wholly unprovided in modern educational theory, a great advantage over the Scarsdale high-school pupil who finds the dogfish. Similarly the citizen of Huxley's, brave new World who stumbles across a volume of Shakespeare in some vine-grown ruins and squats on a potsherd to read it is in a fairer way of getting at mini a sonnet than the harvard sophomore taking English poetry. The educator whose business it is to teach students biology or poetry is unaware of a whole ensemble of relations which exist between the student and the dogfish and between the student and the Shakespeare sonnet. To put it bluntly: A student who has the desire to get at a dogfish or a shakespeare sonnet may have the greatest difficulty in salvaging the creature itself from the educational package in which it is presented. The great difficulty is that he is not aware that there is a difficulty; surely, he thinks, in such a fine classroom, with such a fine textbook, the sonnet must come across! What's wrong with me?

Opinion Essays, an opinion essay is a formal piece of writing. It requires your opinion on a topic, which must be stated clearly, giving various viewpoints on the topic supported by reasons and/or examples. You should also include the opposing viewpoint in another paragraph. A successful opinion essay should have : a) an introductory paragraph in which you state the topic and your opinion. B) a main body which consists of several paragraphs, each presenting a separate viewpoint supported by reasons.

You also include a paragraph presenting the opposing viewpoint and reason why you think it is an unconvincing viewpoint; and a c) conclusion in which you restate your opinion using different words. Introduction, wikipedia, paragraph 1 state the topic and your opinion clearly. Main Body, paragraph 2 viewpoint 1 reason, example, paragraph 3 viewpoint 2 reason, example. Paragraph 4 viewpoint 3 reason/ example paragraph 5 opposing viewpoint reason/example conclusion. Final paragraph summarise/restate opinion, you may include more viewpoints, and thus more paragraphs in the main body. Points to consider, decide whether you agree or disagree with the subject of the topic, then make a list of your viewpoints and reasons. Write well-developed paragraphs, joining the sentences with appropriate linking words and phrases.

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Are in pairs, one chromosome of each pair from the father and one from the mother. Pair up during meiosis. All of the above score:.0 /.0 question 8 (10 points) Sister chromatids of each chromosome are separated from each other during. Metaphase ii 100.0. Telophase ii score:.0 /.0 question 9 (10 points) Prokaryotes resume reproduce. 1 and.0. 2 and 3 Score:.0 /.0 question 10 (10 points) Which of the following is the same as a fertilized egg? Mature ova 100.0. Zygote Score:.0 /.0.

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each other. Identical to each other but different from the parent cell.0. Different from each other but identical to one of the parent cells Score:.0 /.0 question 7 (10 points) Homologous chromosomes. May exchange parts during meiosis. Have alleles for the same characteristics even though the gene expression may not be the same.

Score:.0 /.0, question 2 (10 points different, or alternative, forms of william the same gene are called. Score:.0 /.0, question 3 (10 points if a diploid organism has a genome consisting of 4(four) chromosomes, it can produce _different combinations of maternal and paternal chromosomes in the offspring (disregarding crossing over). 32, score:.0 /.0, question 4 (10 points). Is the common form of reproduction in higher organisms. Requires only one parent. Produces a wide variety of offspring. Both 2 and. 1, 2 and 3 Score:.0 /.0 question 5 (10 points) During crossing over, _undergo breakage and exchange segments.

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Biology test questions Essay, research Paper. Question 1 (10 points chromatids are. Attached at the centriole. A pair of chromosomes, one from dream the mother and one from the father. Attached at their centromeres. Identical until crossing over occurs. Both 3 and 4 are correct.

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  5. Go to Exercises or go through with for some sample opinion essay ideas. Example of a film analysis essay on movies about: Why does the rebellion take place on the ship. ¿por qué la participación de los padres es esencial para la educación de un niño. ¿por qué las clínicas de atención se debe agregar a barrios de bajos ingresos.

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