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Perhaps an unassuming Jawa is more your style. If so, the Slanket may be for you. Buyer beware: there are imitations out there. Always check your Slankets midi-chlorian count before purchase. From rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings—you name it—an abundance of Etsy Stores provides a wide sampling of styles and keys. Who needs an iPhone when you have a palantir?

Vandemark, as we swing into day gift-giving season, heres a list of Top Ten Gifts for Fantasy or Science fiction Writers. Sometimes, inspiration can be found in the tools of a master. Purportedly, oscar Wilde, vincent Van Gogh, pablo picasso, ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin used moleskines in one form or another. Doctor Who sonic Screwdriver. If youve a troublesome tardis or a lock that needs picked, give this a try. Its unlikely to work, but at least youll have a pen to jot down any ideas for that episodic sf tv show youve always wanted to write. Looking for hors doeuvres for the office party? Need to bring some seasonal cheer to the in-laws? How can you go wrong with wholesome unicorn? Now with more sparkles! Do you long to be a jedi master?

gifts for writers

Gifts for writers, etsy

The service is provided free, and authors retain all rights, as well as 80 make percent of all profit from sales. To learn more about using Lulus publishing tools, log onto. About Lulu m, founded in 2002, is a company that specializes in open publishing. Founded by bob young, the company has.1 million creators and has 20,000 titles added to their collection each month. They offer their free service to authors in exchange for a small percentage of profits from each sale. Lulu provides anyone with the ability to publish books, ebooks, mini-books, photo books, calendars, cookbooks, and travel books. To learn more, visit the website.

gifts for writers

22, gifts for, writers, that Are way better Than a boring Old Notebook

A famous author gift. Whether its Edgar Allen poe, plato, or Agatha Christie, there are shirts, hats, bookmarks and more, all featuring author"s and images. One of the resume most important things to an author is time, which is needed to be able to write a book. Help them find ways to get more time, such as running a few errands for them or babysitting. Sure, its easy to pick up a gift card to their favorite book store, but what fun would that be? This year, buy them something a little more adventurous and unique. Not only will they see the value in each of these unique gifts, but they will get a lot of use out of them, as well. For more great gift ideas for authors this holiday, visit m/services. Lulu provides a self publishing format that gives authors the ability to publish everything from their own books and cookbooks to calendars and CDs.

While they may appreciate books, notepads, and fancy pens, there are gifts that are better suited to them that will even help them with their writing. Here are 5 great gifts for writers this holiday season, based on a survey lulu conducted on their Facebook page: Custom cover Illustration. If they have written a book, having a great cover can help seal the deal. Hiring the person to make it happen can be a wonderful gift. A starbucks Gift Card. Not only do a lot of writers like the atmosphere there for pounding away on the keyboard, but the caffeine helps a lot, too. High Sales or a good review. If their book is out, pick up a copy, and promote it to your friends to help increase sales. Also, leave a good online review, which will further help them get sales.

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gifts for writers

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Do you have a technical writer in your family/friends and just dont know what gift to get them? Then take a look at some of the technical writing and technical communication books in the. CyberText bookstore (in association with Amazon). I only have books in my bookstore that ive read essay and recommend, or that others whose opinions i value highly have recommended. Theres more than just books though—there are also movies, music and other goodies that I recommend.

So if youre at a loss what to get your tech writer friend or relative, try some of these book recommendations. There are millions of professional and budding writers around the country. With the holidays upon us, people will be looking for the perfect gift for the writer in their life. When it comes to writers, they are a finicky bunch, leaving many people to wonder what types of gifts are ideal. The answer, for the most part, lies in thinking beyond the traditional notepads and pens, and getting writers something they can really use. People often buy writers the same gifts each year, explains Sarah Gilbert, director of sales at Lulu ( m a self publishing company.

We believe in writing. We believe in newspapers. Every day newspapers use words and photos to provide depth, context and humanity to the news and that helps readers understand the problems of our communities and the joys and successes of our citizens. We believe the young Writers Project can help our young citizens learn to write better. They can follow ideas presented by professional writers and top teachers; publish their best work or read others; express themselves visually; or go to www. and do all sorts of writing.

We also hope this project opens a window to what young people are thinking and saying, what they worry about, what they do to find joy and success. So look for the young Writers Project each tuesday in this space. Teachers tell us the pages are extremely helpful. Students tell us its a thrill to be published. Readers tell us the writing is inspiring and enlightening. We hope you will sit up, take notice and write us or, better yet, the students and tell us what you think.

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Writing helps expression, innovation and change; it helps foster understanding between people and cultures. Writing also helps people find jobs, get promotions and succeed. American education will never realize its potential as an engine of opportunity and economic growth until a writing revolution puts language and communication in their proper place in the classroom, the commission wrote. Yet homework improving writing is low on peoples radar, the commission said; political leaders, educators, school administrators, parents and the media need to do more. The college board has done its part to bring attention to the importance of writing with its sat essay exam which began last year. Many fine teachers, meanwhile, have been putting in their time with some success in helping their students. But more needs to be done. And thats where we come.

gifts for writers

According to the national Center for Educational Statistics, only 25 percent of students who graduate books from high school can write at a proficient level. Put another way: 75 percent of our high school graduates do not have sufficient writing skills to clarify and enhance their central idea and do not have sufficient grasp of spelling, grammar and punctuation to communicate properly. In the state of Vermont, recent tests show we lag behind the rest of the nation: looking at the overall average of all students in the state, nearly half are partially or substantially below proficient in their writing skills. The college board has financed a study by The national Commission on Writing which became so alarmed by what it found it declared the situation a national crisis. Schools, the commission wrote, are neglecting the teaching of writing. The commission found, not surprisingly, that writing is vital for success in school and later in the workplace. In a separate survey, the commission found that businesses say good writing skills are the keys to getting hired or promoted.

tech comm careers, academics, and more. I'm interested in simplifying complexity, api documentation, visual communication, information architecture and findability, and more. If you're a technical writer of any kind (progressional, transitioning, student be sure to subscribe to email updates using the form above. You can learn more about me here. You can also contact me with questions). By geoffrey gevalt, editor, young Writers Project, october 3, 2006. The young Writers Project and Burlington (VT) The Free press publish this weekly feature for several reasons: to draw attention to the importance of writing; to assist in the teaching of writing; to showcase the best writing by our students. Simple: Our students need help; as a state and a nation, we are not doing a good job of teaching our children how to write well.

Photo calendar of the project team with month-by-month candid shots, mostly in business meetings. Pen with the inscription, "Hold nothing back" (but remove ink). Microsoft Manual of Style with lengthy inscription from Sarah Palin. Copy of the author's favorite style sheet written in Japanese calligraphy. Thanks to, kirstyt for contributing 4 and 5. If you have any additional gift ideas, please add them in the comments below. Get new posts delivered straight to your inbox.

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M, the father of horror has amassed a lifetime of writing wisdom, and he shares it in "On Writing part memoir for readers, part instruction guide for writers. Detailed in this invaluable book are king's insights into the publishing business, his struggles, successes, and most importantly, the methods he uses to movie create his best-selling work. When it comes to writing instruction, the buck stops here. Nov 30, 2008 general, fortune cookies with fortunes rewritten as numbered lists. Bobblehead with favorite sme's face pasted on the front. Stack of how-to manuals from everything you assembled for Christmas. Copy of that, house episode with the agoraphobe tech writer and comment "Saw this and thought of you." * "Certificate" of year's achievements with typos. Jigsaw puzzle of the current interface the tech writer is documenting, but rearranged.

gifts for writers
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So look for the young, writers, project each tuesday in this space. Here are 5 great gifts for writers this holiday season, based on a survey lulu conducted on their Facebook page. Home shop by recipient.

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  1. Theres more than just books though—there are also movies, music and other goodies that I recommend. We believe the young. Writers, project can help our young citizens learn to write better.

  2. Copy of that house episode with the agoraphobe tech writer and comment saw this and thought of you. Spiral bound journal with lined pages inside with inspirational"s. Sort by: Showing all of 11 Customer reviews. Gifts for technical writers.

  3. 5 Great Gift Ideas for, writers. 21 Best ways to Start a conversation with a man. Stack of how-to manuals from everything you assembled for, christmas.

  4. If you follow Allena tapia on Pinterest, some of these. Gifts for, writers are probably already familiar to you. This list seems a little like it was made by a desperate relative trying to find gifts for the science fiction writer.

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