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Merton had a hard time leaving the place, though he was unsure why. Merton had found the rome he said he did not see on his first visit: byzantine Christian Rome. From this point on in his trip he set about visiting the various churches and basilicas in Rome, such as the lateran Baptistery, santa costanza, the basilica di san Clemente, santa Prassede and Santa pudenziana (to name a few). He purchased a vulgate ( Latin Bible reading the entire new Testament. One night in his pensione, merton sensed for a few moments that Owen was in the room with him. The mystical experience focused him on the emptiness he felt in his life, and, for the first time, he really prayed, asking God to deliver him from darkness.

Merton then walked to saint Tropez, where he took a train to genoa and then another to Florence. From Florence he left for Rome, for a trip that in some ways changed the course of his life. Rome 1933 edit Two days after arriving in Rome in February 1933, merton moved out of his hotel to a small pensione with views of Palazzo barberini and San Carlo alle quattro fontane, two magnificent pieces of architecture rich with history. In The seven Storey mountain, merton remarks: I had been in Rome before, on an Easter vacation from school, for about a week. I had seen the forum and the colosseum and the vatican museum and. But I had not really seen Rome. This time, i started out again, with the misconception common to Anglo-saxons, that the real Rome is the rome of the ugly ruins, the hills and the slums of the city. 20 Merton began visiting churches, not knowing why he felt drawn to them. He did not participate in Masses, but simply resume observed and appreciated them. One day, he happened upon a church near the roman Forum, called Santi cosma e damiano. In its apse, he saw a great mosaic of Jesus Christ come in judgment in a dark blue sky and was transfixed.

essay on autobiography of a train

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In 1932, on a walking tour in Germany, he advantages developed an infection under a toenail. He ignored it, and it developed into a case of blood poisoning so severe that at one point he thought he was going to die. But "the thought of God, the thought of prayer did not even enter my mind, either that day, or all the rest of the time that I was ill, or that whole year. Or if the thought did come to me, it was only as an occasion for its denial and rejection." His declared "creed" was "I believe in nothing." 19 In September, he passed the entrance exam for Clare college, cambridge. On his 18th birthday, and tasting new freedom, he went off on his own. He stopped in Paris, marseilles, then walked to hyères, where he ran out of money and wired Bennett for more. Scoldingly, bennett granted his request, which may have shown Merton he cared.

essay on autobiography of a train

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This caused Merton much pain. On January 16, 1931, at the start of term at oakham, Owen died. Tom Bennett, Owen's physician and former classmate in New zealand, became Thomas's legal guardian. He allowed Merton to use his unoccupied house in London during the holidays. That year, merton visited Rome and Florence for a week and also saw his grandparents in New York. Upon his return to oakham, merton became joint editor of the school magazine, the oakhamian. At that time in his life, merton was an agnostic.

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essay on autobiography of a train

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Merton enjoyed the countryside around Canterbury, taking the long walks. When the holiday ended, Owen returned to France, merton to ripley. Toward the end of that year, merton learned that his father was ill and living in Ealing. Merton went to see him and together they left for Scotland, where a friend had offered his house for Owen's recovery. Shortly after, Owen was taken to london to the north Middlesex Hospital.

Merton soon learned his father had a brain tumor. He took the news badly, but later, when he visited Owen in hospital, the latter seemed to be recovering. This eased Merton's anxiety. In 1930, merton was sent to oakham School, a boarding school in Rutland, england. At the end of the first year, his grandparents and John paul visited him. His grandfather discussed his finances, explaining that he would be provided for if Owen died. Merton and the family spent most of that summer visiting the hospital to see his father, who was so ill he could no longer speak.

He admired the devout Catholic couple, whom he saw as good and decent people, but religion only once came up as a topic between them. Merton expressed his belief that all religions "lead to god, only in different ways, and every man should go according to his own conscience, and settle things according to his own private way of looking at things." he wanted them to argue with him, but. As he came to understand later, they realized that his attitude "implied a fundamental and utter lack of faith, and a dependence on my own lights, and attachment to my own opinion furthermore, since "I did not believe in anything. Anything I might say i believed would be only empty talk." 17 meanwhile, merton's father was traveling, painting and attending to an exhibition of his work in London. In the summer of 1928, he took merton out of the lycée ingres, informing him that they were headed together to England.

edit merton and his father moved to the home of Owen's aunt and uncle in Ealing, west London. Merton was soon enrolled in Ripley court Preparatory School, another boarding school, this one in Surrey. Merton enjoyed his studies there and benefited from a greater sense of community than had existed at the lycée. On Sundays, all students attended services at the local Anglican church. Merton began routinely praying, but discontinued the practice after leaving the school. During holidays, merton stayed at his great-aunt and uncle's home, where occasionally his father visited. During Easter vacation in 1929, merton and Owen went to canterbury.

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After the trip to new York, owen Merton realized that Thomas would not be reconciled to Scott and broke off his relationship with her. edit In 1926, when Merton was eleven, his father enrolled him in a review boys' boarding school in Montauban, the lycée ingres. There, merton felt lonely, depressed and abandoned. During his initial months at the school, merton begged his father to remove him. With time, however, he grew comfortable with his surroundings. He befriended a circle of aspiring writers at the lycée and himself authored two novels. 16 Sundays at the lycée offered a nearby catholic Mass, but Merton never attended, instead often taking an early train home. A protestant clergyman came sundays to teach at the lycée to those who did not attend Mass, but Merton took scant interest. During the Christmas breaks of 19, he spent his time essay with friends of his father in Murat, auvergne.

essay on autobiography of a train

Happy to get away from Scott, Thomas returned to douglaston in 1923 to live with his mother's family and his brother. Owen Merton, Scott, and her husband sailed to europe and traveled through France, italy, england and Algeria. During the essay winter of 1924, while in Algeria, owen Merton became ill and was thought to be near death. The news of his father's illness filled him with anxiety. 13 by march 1925, Owen Merton was well enough to organize a show of his paintings at the leicester Galleries in London. He then returned to new York and took thomas to live with him in saint-Antonin, france. Thomas returned to France with mixed feelings, as he had lived with his grandparents for the last two years and had become attached to them. 14 During their travels, merton's father and Scott had discussed marriage on occasion.

States. They settled first with Ruth's parents on Long Island, new York, and then near them in douglaston, new York. In 1917, the family moved into an old house in Flushing, new York, where merton's brother, john paul, was born on november 2, 1918. 10 The family was considering returning to France when Ruth was diagnosed with stomach cancer, from which she died on October 21, 1921, in Bellevue hospital. Merton was six years old. 11 In 1922, Owen Merton and Thomas traveled briefly to bermuda, 12 where Owen fell in love with the American novelist evelyn Scott, a married woman. Still grieving for his mother, Thomas never quite warmed to Scott.

7, merton was a keen proponent of interfaith understanding. He pioneered dialogue with prominent Asian spiritual figures, including the. Dalai lama, the japanese writer,. . Suzuki, the Thai buddhist monk, buddhadasa, and the vietnamese monk. Thich Nhat Hanh, and authored books on, zen Buddhism and taoism. In the years since his death, merton has been the subject of several biographies. Contents biography edit early life edit Thomas Merton was born in book Prades, pyrénées-Orientales, france, on January 31, 1915, to Owen Merton, a new zealand painter active in Europe and the United States, and Ruth Jenkins, an American quaker and artist.

What a life!: An Autobiography

For other uses, see, thomas Merton (disambiguation). Thomas Merton, ocso (19151968) was. Catalan 1, trappist monk of American nationality. He was a successful writer, theologian, mystic, poet, social activist, and student of comparative religion. On may 26, 1949, he was ordained to the priesthood and given the name. 2 3 4, merton wrote more than 70 books, mostly on spirituality, social justice and a quiet pacifism, as well as scores of essays and reviews. Among Merton's most enduring works is his bestselling autobiography. The seven Storey mountain (1948 which sent scores of World War ii veterans, students, and even teenagers flocking to monasteries across the us, 5 6 and was also featured review in, national review 's list of the 100 best non-fiction books of the century.

essay on autobiography of a train
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  5. He took on a number of apprentices, including david Kindersley, who in turn became a successful sculptor and engraver, and his nephew. art et goya, (Paris: Gallimard, 1978) (Translation of an earlier edition published in 1957: Malraux, André. Writing english essays for college how to write an effective college application essay essay on autobiography of a train in english. main body of argumentative essay on death how to make a good thesis for a research paper., research strategy dissertation research.

  6. Of, a hero Is south Africa ready for a, woman President, essay, essay on, adventure Trip strong; but. January 5, 1949, merton took a train to louisville and applied for American citizenship. artist focusing on the creation of a bold, almost surreal palette of primary colors, in order to reveal the toxic environment in which.

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