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The ceiling of this new church, painted between 16, is unique both in Italy and in the rest of Italy. The crib is made up of Monumental 54-size statues and filed within the 'institute of Art where you can admire the collection of international pottery' s modern art. Up: nato Church in Castelli sleeping beauty if you are close to pescara, montesilvano and other surrounding areas, our gaze towards the Gran Sasso chain will show 'a sleeping princess. You can clearly distinguish the features of the face (Big Horn the front (Corno piccolo the body (the mountains and take camicia). If observed at sunset, in the days with clear sky, is something exceptional! Sleeping beauty - gran Sasso castel del monte evocative country from unmistakable peculiarities medieval Castel del Monte is located inside the national Park of Gran Sasso and the constant goal of nature lovers.

Good base for excursions to the mountain peak and mountain Scarafano. Forca di penne is one of the most interesting in Abruzzo for ornithologists, it is worth noting that live here permanently copies of the most beautiful species of birds of prey in the region as the eagle, peregrine falcon, kestrel, sparrowhawk and the buzzard. I am not at all rare to Allocco, the barbagianni the codirosso and green woodpecker. Tower of Forca di penne climbing of villa statement celiera pass the center of Villa celiera, we arrive, after a few kilometers facts bends and climbs in places' The Climbing. Here you will find a residential area, very welcoming, which provides a good base for excursions to the villa di merletti celiera, mount Bertona and near the plateau voltigno. Climbing of villa celiera castelli city of ceramics located at the foot of mount Camiciab, in the parco del Gran Sasso, the town of Castelli is a village surrounded by an agricultural landscape and clay gullies. Is the presence of argilla, along with that of water (for dough) and wood (for furnaces who led a community of Benedictine monks, maybe nine or ten centuries ago, to start the production of ceramics. Since then the country has lived ceramic, including the'600 and'700, when the great masters have made an art of this product really refined, even in the courts of kings. Castelli in addition to the museum worth visiting the church of San Donato, known as the sistine Chapel of maiolica. The whole time it is entirely made of painted pottery, (see photo opposite).

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In the early 60's opened the first telescope, one by 60/90/180 cm Schmidt, now equipped with a ccd imager with wide field and has a control system and pointing high automation. In the'70s, finally, a broadening of the structure, building a new dome that now houses the infrared telescope azt-24.1. From this observatory, the astronomers can still enjoy one of the darkest skies of Italy like the alpine village and perhaps exceeded only by a few mountain innermost of Sardinia. Campo imperatore observatory, campo imperatore hotel. On japanese 3 September 1943, in room 201 (now 220) of the existing hotel at Campo Imperatore, benito mussolini was imprisoned. Today, the facility has a capacity of 100 beds with 200-250 covered restaurant, tavern Abruzzo, reading rooms and lounge, bar. Campo Imperatore hotel, where stayed Benito mussolini. Forca di penne, located a few miles from the center of Brittoli and Cannatina, the point of Forca di penne is characterized dala its squat tower of medieval origin that can be seen for miles around. Here converge the roads that go to Brittoli civitaquana and, on the pescara and Ofena capestrano and, on the aquilano.

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Gabriel of Our Lady of the stream forms a waterfall. The waterfalls can be reached on foot for a path of about 300 meters in which a sudden stop and we must continue along the stones of the nearby oprio there is a chalet-restaurant. Excellent idea for a beautiful day surrounded by nature. Near Pretaro, you can 'visit The hermitage of Fra' nicholas, better known as cave frattagrande. This is a tiny church almost embedded in the rock, built by the hermit of the Gran Sasso, who spent his days in meditation. Among Torretta nicola, was born in Picciano (PE) in 1803, and since 1825 he abandoned the wealthy family home and a life that did not reflect all the principles of charity, humility, brotherhood, to withdraw from the ruins of the castello di pagliara. Up: river waterfalls ruzzo, down: Hermitage of Friar Nicola. Campo imperatore observatory, the Observatory of Campo Imperatore is now an observing station of the Astronomical Observatory of Rome, situated near the Gran Sasso d'Italia (AQ) at about 2200 m of altitude. The station, as a project, born in the 50s, and through a special financing sees its completion a few years later.

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A wonderful stretch of water! Il fiume tirino, provincial road rigopiano-castelli, the provincial road Rigopiano-castelli is a stretch of road that connects the side of the Gran Sasso pescara, teramo to that. It stretches for about 20km. Starting from Rigopiano falls after bends and breathtaking views youth in the town of Castelli. The foothills, along lla dense beech forest characteristic of these places, at the foot of Monte Alb. We expect impressive views of the east and north walls of Monte Alb. After about 10km journey towards Castelli, your eyes open 'take to the mountains, and Brancastello corno Grande.

Enjoy views ranging from the sea to the hill until you arrive at 2912mt. Along the road Rigopiano - castelli. River waterfalls ruzzo, the river is born on mount ruzza take a 2560mt. Right tributary of the river mavone. Around Pretaro, above the shrine.

Imposing and majestic Gran Sasso is seen by meadows. Prati di tivo, tirino river. Beautiful stretch of water from the Gran Sasso, the aquifer system of Campo Imperatore. After a karst of 25 km, out of a valley. The water flow rate is constant throughout the year (6000 l / sec) at a temperature of 11, no tributaries, the waters are always clear.

Tirino river is one of most rivers' cleanest in Europe. Downstream, feeds three sources, capo d'Acqua, presciano and the small lake below Capestrano but the largest inflow is from Capo d'Acqua being the other two almost firm. The name derives from the greek "crushed" and means precisely threefold source, the valley in which flows are also called Tritan valley or valley chopped. The river is home to trout (including fario) and very few crabs. Herons, gallinelle river otters and represent the fauna. Characteristic of this river are the cinerini willow and white willow, but the oaks and juniper red.

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It is located 6 km from the center of pietracamela and 40 km from Teramo. Abundant accommodation consists of many hotels. A prati di tivo are active ski downhill skiing and ski lifts in two modern lifts, a quad and a two-seater, which arrives in 1800. There is still the old seggovia single seater that goes to 2050 meters dell'Arapietra. All installations are located at the foot of the northern side of the little horn. There is also a track for cross country skiing. In summer the town Prati di tivo offers several options for hiking and climbing with different levels of commitment: from simple walks in the woods on a difficult rock paperless climbing. Through the Arno valley and rio campo pericoli is possible to make a crossing and reach Campo Imperatore.

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mountain, which is entirely included within the national Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della laga, is characterized by vast pastures and forests to beech forest that offered the opportunity to pass up to the present day civic uses of pasture and firewood. Not infrequently, you can see the animals grazing. Well organized is the heritage receptive. The area equipped for picnic benches with wooden covers fire ignition points entirely feasible in stone and playground for children. The rest of the summer are made of wood perfectly integrated into the territory and remain open until late at night to enjoy the cool evenings during the typical local products (pecorino farindolese, arrosticini, etc.). Great for picnics immersed in nature. Rigopiano, prati di tivo, prati di tivo is a tourist resort on the mountain slopes of Gran Sasso, in the municipality of pietracamela. The name seems to come from the backward-term grassland meadows that late date its position in high altitude (1450 m).

In 1703 a disastrous earthquake damaged the castle and the town of Rocca calascio: they were just rebuilt the houses in the lower part and many people preferred to move in the underlying Calascio, country of recent origin. The upper part is inhabited by the last'50s, although lately some house has been restored in one of these we can find a refuge-restaurant-hostel. The castle was the subject of restoration and consolidation, so that today it is fully and freely available. Many of you will remember as the castle ruins in the movie lady hawke. Ultimately, it is a place to visit at all. Rocca calascio castle, rigopiano. Rigopiano, hamlet of Farindola, is a major tourist center, the starting point for interesting and delightful excursions, caving and climbing, rich in facilities and sports.


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The Gran Sasso offers a myriad of sites by the breathtaking beauty, who deserve to be visited. Rocca calascio castle, with nearly 1500 meters of altitude is the highest castle in Italy and among the highest in Europe, as well as one of the oldest inhabited by humans in Abruzzi. It 'one of the fortifications that blends more with the impervious rocky land surrounding it, built entirely of white limestone and placed on both sides of one ridge to the valley of the domain Tirino and plain navelli. From here you can enjoy a spectacular view of Campo Imperatore and the Gran Sasso. Its main role was to control the most essay important route tratturale aquilano passing beneath its walls. The small size made it suitable only rocca calascio for military purposes and to accommodate a small garrison, which is why his foot developed the village, soon also surrounded by walls to defend popoalzione from raids by pirates and invaders, and by is increasingly affecting. La rocca is connected to the village from a wooden bridge, a long retractable.

pieta wallpaper
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  3. Segesta is an ancient Greek archaeological site situated in western Sicily, 60 km south-West of Palermo. According to the tradition it was founded by king Acestes, son of the river-god Crinisus. Nestled in the heart of the hill Section of Scranton, a stately home with an imposing exterior harbors a luminous, secret trove of art and beauty its keepers hope to share with the community. The rossetti Estate at Vine Street and quincy avenue has been a private family home for much of the last few).

  4. Assemblage is an artistic form or medium usually created on a defined substrate that consists of three-dimensional elements projecting out of or from the substrate. It is similar to collage, a two-dimensional medium. The vitruvian Man (Italian: le proporzioni del corpo umano secondo vitruvio, which is translated to the proportions of the human body according to vitruvius or simply l uomo vitruviano (Italian pronunciation: lwɔmo vitruvjano is a drawing by the Italian polymath leonardo da vinci around 1490.

  5. For the love thou doth bear to those who ask forgiveness. The Gran Sasso offers a myriad of sites by the breathtaking beauty, who deserve to be visited. Before the concept of Childhood began to take shape during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the concept of the Child had many symbolic connotations in the popular imagery through the history of art.

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