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No one needs convincing that separatism and nationalism are active on the social scene, but there is insufficient understanding of the fact that such trends have been made ideologically possible by the constitution of 1974. The constant reinforcement of and the competition engendered by separatism and nationalism have driven the (ethnic) nations further from one another to a critical degree. The manipulation of language and the confinement of scientific and cultural professionals within the ranks of the republics and regions are sorry signs of the growing power of particularism. All new ethnogeneses are unfortunate products of locally closed, regional ideologies and shackled logic, and they are also symptomatic of a retreat from a common past, a common present, and a common future. It is as if everyone wished to flee as fast and as far as possible from a collapsing house. Mental attitudes warn us that the political crisis has reached the critical point, threatening the complete destabilization of Yugoslavia. Kosovo is the clearest expression of this.

The dress code is casual. Please remember that this is an official office function, and unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated. Primary source—Excerpt, serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences (sanu) Memorandum 1986. The President of sanu at this time was Dobrica cosic. There is deep concern in Yugoslavia because of stagnating social development, economic difficulties, growing social tensions, and open inter-ethnic clashes. A serious crisis has engulfed not only the political and economic arenas, but Yugoslavia's entire system of law and order as well. Idleness and irresponsibility at work, corruption and nepotism, a lack of confidence in and disregard for the law, bureaucratic obstinacy, growing mistrust among individuals, and increasingly arrogant individual and group egoism have become daily phenomena. The resulting blow to moral values and to the reputation of leading public institutions and a lack of faith in the competence of decision-makers have spread apathy and bitterness among the public and produced alienation from all the mainstays and symbols of law and order. An objective examination of Yugoslav reality suggests that the present crisis may end in social shocks with unforseeable consequences, including such a catastrophic eventuality as the fragmentation of the yugoslav state. No one can close his eyes to what is happening and to what may happen. Certainly, our nation's oldest institute of scientific and cultural creativity cannot.

memorandum writing

Drafting a law Office memorandum

Regards, dave, head of it, enc report, office memo sample. Memo: Afterwork party, an afterwork party will take place on December 24th, 2009 at Spatafores Italian Restauraunt. Everyone who works in office building number 3 is invited. Please note paperless that the party will begin at 6pm. This means you are not to leave the office before your scheduled end time of 5pm. If you do not attend work on that day, you will not be permitted to attend the party. Food and beverages will be supplied free of cost.

memorandum writing

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Approval, as per the current agreement between the United States and its allies, deployment of Foreign Exchange Program Officers requires direct approval from headquarters, unless a) training is to take place in international waters. Signed, commandant of the United States Marin Corps, asm. Letter of Memorandum of Transmittal Sample. Memo of Transmittal for need for New Computing Equipment. Behrens, ceo, in regard to your request on January 11, the it department have evaluated the need for new company wide computing equipment. I have enclosed the following report analyzing cost, efficiency and productivity of the 4 proposed brands. Based on their findings, it concur that a evernote new line of computers will indeed benefit the company overall. They recommend contracting with Dell to implement the 2013 Office suite range.

We the undersigned, in recognition of our aim of improving the browsing experience of home computer users, agree that we will work together and share technical specifications to develop an operating system and web browser, with seamless integration and cross platform support. Signed, michael tovar, hellTech Computing ceo, signed. Brian Banda, jd software, fireburn Browser, letter of Memorandum of usmc sample. Memorandum, from: Commandant of the United States Marin Corps, asm. TO: Marine corps Foreign Exchange Program Officers. RE: Deployment Request 1) The purpose of this memorandum is to explain the process of deployment of usmc foreign Exchange Program Officers in their host country. Request, to request deployment of Foreign Exchange Program Officers, a letter should be written in official correspondence format by the hosting unit, to the commandant of the marine corp, passing through the host countrys embassy. This should include all the names of the exchange officers, their units and that of the corresponding host country.

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memorandum writing

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Promoting healthy living in school age children. 1) Purpose: Our two departments have been tasked to develop a program hands to promote healthy living in school age children. This memorandum is to address the goals and challenges facing schools in our state in implementing healthy meal options, particularly the adoption of fruit as a daytime snack. . to that end we must jointly complete the following tasks: develop a simple and fun science backed program, promoting the benefits of daily fruit consumption. Promote new healthy meal options on school menus, including information on ingredients and their benefits. develop a system of collecting data and analyzing the success of the program over time.

2) Duration of Agreement: The agreement will commence on October 03, 2012, and will continue for at least 3 years, upon which we will reevaluate our goals. 3) Responsibilities: The department of Education is tasked with crafting the school programs, including posters, pamphlets, marketing slogans, and overall direction of the campaign. They will liaise with schools and school boards and closely monitor implementation of the program. The department of health is tasked with providing any scientific evidence and data in regard to the health benefits of the meal plans chosen by the. They will oversee the program for accuracy, and chart its success by collecting data and producing annual reports. Signed, department of health, signed, department of Education, letter of Memorandum of Agreement Sample. Memorandum of Agreement Between jd software and HellTech Computing.

For printed memos, the format may require a standard letterhead. . For electronic documents, the required format my come from a template that has been customized by the company from a word processing program like microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect. Company format: memorandum, peterson, Smith, and Jones, Associates distribution information: to: Marketing Department, from: Steve anderson, Assistant Vice President, date: December 31, 2002. Subject: 2003 Phone policy Changes introduction: on January 1st, 2003, our company is implementing new phone policy. . Because of customer complaints that our phones ring forever, we are requiring all employees to make a good-faith attempt to answer their phones within the first three rings.

Please review this document before that date to ensure you understand and can implement the new phone protocols. Discussion: over the past three years, our company has averaged four rings to pickup outside lines. This statistic is based on over 10,000 incoming calls. According to the better business advocacy think tank Phony ring Institute (PRI) in boulder, colorado, our company's phone ring response rate is well below the national average for competitive companies in our sector. Conclusion: on January 1st, 2003, Please answer the phone on the first three rings. . If you have any questions about this new policy please contact me in the next few weeks. Thanks, Steve anderson company format: the material contained in this memo belongs to peterson, Smith, and Jones, Associates, and is considered  confidential, proprietary information. Letter of Memorandum of Understanding Sample. Memoradum of understanding between the oklahoma department of health and Department of Education.

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Now you will begin to jot (write) down the dress and the grooming rules that you think will meet the president's requirements. When you have finished, you will have to write them up in the form of a memorandum that will convey them to the employees. Generic Example of a business Memo. Below is an example of a generic memo. . Most business memos follow a similar format, including distribution information, shakespeare an introduction, discussion or development, and a conclusion. Memos may require you to follow a special format depending on your company protocol, or you may need to use a memo for specific types of communication, such as a policy announcement. Many companies use standard formats for memos. .

memorandum writing

You remember the president's instructions: For years we have had an unwritten code specifying conservative dress for all employees teenagers who are visible to the public. Recently more and more employees have strayed from this unwritten code. Every day i see our employees wearing some pretty far-out clothes, and some of their hairstyles and their use of cosmetics do not promote the image of the bank. The situation appears to be getting worse. I want you to work up an appropriate set of dress and grooming standards that we can live with. Work up a first draft. Then we will talk about it before we send it out.

Access basic language, helping readers master. Readers can also learn how to create and use Access wizards. You believe this is a low cost way to provide training, developing your employees into power Access users. For a small but growing business, getting the most out of the database can provide the competitive advantage it needs to dominate in markets. Ask your boss, ray olson, to authorize purchasing this subscription.00. As assistant to the president of the abc bank, the president has asked you to write a directive in memorandum form prescribing a dress code to your employees. The president wants two separate objectives one for males and one for females (write the one for your sex).

What follows the refusal? What is the character of essay the ending? In the sample, b how does the author gain the attention and sets up the persuasion? Where is the explanation of the problem provided? Is the explanation persuasive? What follows the persuasion? What does the ending reemphasize? You work for offsite a local business whose major function is to help over 300 small businesses process data. Recently your boss decided to switch your company's database.

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Date: ; view: 215. Read the following instructions carefully and write. Now, let's analyse these memos in wallpaper more details. Read them again and. Does the subject of the. A memo identify the bad news? What leads to the explanation of the problem? Is the explanation negatively worded? Is it easy to understand?

memorandum writing
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Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, memorandum 1986, 1986, haverford College (accessed February 4, 2009).accepts and receives part of the goods so sold, or gives something in earnest to bind the bargain, or in part payment, or unless some note or memorandum in writing.

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  1. Resources for cuny writers, from the cuny writeSite. Memorandum, peterson, Smith, and Jones, Associates. President Obama also emphasized the importance of transparency, public participation, and collaboration in his January 21, 2009, memorandum on Transparency and Open government. The fall of Communism in Eastern Europe.

  2. The companies act 1948. Public company limited by shares. As at April 2016.

  3. Read the following instructions carefully and write. Now, let s analyse these memos in more details. A memorandum for each situation. Memorandum and Articles of Association.

  4. A memorandum of transmittal usual accompanies a larger report, and is used as a record of delivery and to summarize the report. The activities undertaken pursuant to this. Memorandum of Understanding shall be subject to the availability of funds. Either Party may terminate the memorandum of Understanding or any of its Appendices.

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