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Ghost, stories, by Whit taylor commons Comics

Olivia's birthday surprises continue as she makes a tasty discovery in the kitchen. Complete vixen V: quickie 18 Alex/Olivia fifth tale in the vixen series. Alex discovers that getting from A to b is easier said than done, especially when Olivia is involved. Complete vixen VI: Splash 18 Alex/Olivia final tale in the vixen series. The much needed shower take a turn for the playful. Complete Afternoon Delight 15 Alex/Olivia alex gives Olivia a birthday gift she's not likely to forget any time soon. Fluff with a plot. Complete hangover 15 Alex/Olivia olivia wakes the next morning after a night of celebrating with more than a hangover.

Complete toy story 18 Alex/Olivia alex makes a surprising discovery in Olivia's bedroom. Complete Sweet Talk 18 Alex/Olivia what happened after Alex left Olivia standing on the courthouse steps after telling her she was leaving? Contains spoilers for the season 11 episode, witness. Complete vixen traveling Series Vixen 18 Alex/Olivia part of the something for the weekend range. Olivia is stuck at work filing when an unexpected visitor comes calling. Complete vixen II: Temptress 18 Alex/Olivia sequel to vixen. Olivia and Alex return home after the teasing tension of the precinct and Olivia uncovers a few more surprises. Complete vixen iii: Femme fatale 18 Alex/Olivia third in the vixen series. Olivia finally opens her birthday gift. Complete vixen IV: cake 18 Alex/Olivia fourth tale in the vixen series.

ghost stories wallpaper

Ghost, stories (2017) Torrent - bbdtorrents

Staying alive proves more difficult than they thought. The dynamic duo pursued across the state, trusting no-one. Unresolved sexual tension finally addressed. Past hurts explored and new bonds broken. Complete The cabot Cabin Alex/Olivia follow up to deja. Having survived attempts on both their lives, Alex and Olivia head to the mountains for some much needed time alone. Their relationship is changing but before plan they can go forward, they need to talk about the past. Complete Trial retribution Alex/Olivia third part of the trilogy: Olivia and Alex head back to the city and reality. They've agreed not to hide their relationship, how will others react and who can they trust especially with Porter's trial approaching fast.

ghost stories wallpaper

Ghost, stories (2018 directed by jeremy dyson and Andy

When she discovers the identity of the owner, will she resist the temptation to sneak a peek? A one shot with a twist. Complete first Aid 15 Alex/Olivia fists are flying at the precinct with unexpected consequences. My usual foray into the world of Alex and liv as they struggle to hide their feelings for each other. Complete saving the savior pg-13 Alex/Olivia set directly after the end scene in the season 11 episode, savior. What choice hippie did Olivia make? Warning, contains spoilers for season 11's episode 'savior complete tension pg-13 Alex/Olivia alex and Olivia clash over a warrant concerning a missing six year old with some unexpected revelations. Complete Chain reaction 15 Alex/Olivia a sequence of small events lead Olivia and Alex towards an inevitable confrontation. Complete déjà vu alex/Olivia a contract killer is hunting Alex, Olivia promises to protect her.

Complete la belle dame sans Merci 18 Alex/Olivia no synopsis given. Complete vibes 15 Alex/Olivia alternate version of the season 11 episode,. Olivia heads back to precinct in need of some advice and asks the question, "d'you get a gay vibe from me?" with surprising results. Complete vibes ii : Bensonesque 18 Alex/Olivia follow up to 'vibes'. Can't really give away too much of the plot as it will spoil the story. Complete vibes iii - denial 15 Alex/Olivia final part of the, 'vibes' trilogy. A standalone piece based on the season 11 episode,. What if Babs Duffy had kissed Alex too? Complete cellular Connections 15 Alex/Olivia in the empty squad room, Olivia finds a cell phone on her desk.

Ghost, stories 2017 Torrent - ettv

ghost stories wallpaper

Ghost, stories, that Will Scare you senseless

Playing around with power like." Complete mistake 18 Alex/Olivia 'i have no idea why she started. Maybe she woke up one day and decided, "this week, i'm going to seduce Olivia benson, just to see if I can get away with one more impossible task." so she went and did.' A/O oneshot with uberfluffy ending. Complete Own me 18 Alex/Olivia "I so want to believe that she is doing this because she wants me, report loves me, needs me, but i am no woman's fool. It is just as likely that she is doing this as a joke or some kind of sick power trip. The frightening thing is that I let her." Complete Exhibitionist brutus 18 Alex/Olivia six spicy Alex/Olivia encounters that take place in some very. Hotness condensed to 1000 words per chapter. Slightly au - pretending 'lost' never happened.

Complete by courier pg-13 Alex/Olivia Miranda/Andrea the devil wears Prada crossover - alexandra cabot and Miranda Priestly have a very interesting conversation via courier. Complete mismatch 18 Alex/Olivia no synopsis given. Complete rae's Birthday challenge Smut-Shot 18 Alex/Olivia no synopsis given. Complete petsitting 15 Alex/Olivia Jane/Maura rizzoli isles crossover - no synopsis given. Complete faith, Trust, and Pixie dust 18 Alex/Olivia no synopsis given. Complete favorite Client 18 Alex/Olivia no synopsis given.

Olivia and Alex get their treat, but poor, embarrassed Casey ends up with a trick. Magnetic Resistance Universe, halloween one-shot Complete From The outside 15 Alex/Olivia from The outside. Watching Alex and Olivia sleep makes Abbie reevaluate some of her past decisions. Complete Alternating Currents Alex/Olivia   Abbie/Serena law order crossover - sequel to magnetic Resistance. Olivia tries to balance a long-distance relationship with Alex, help the reformed Abbie woo a gun-shy serena, and encounters a very different Casey novak than the ada she once knew. Will she be able to protect her friends?

Complete What Happens in Provincetown epilogue 18 Alex/Olivia   Abbie/Serena   Jane/Maura law order/rizzoli isles crossover - chaos, embarrassment, and unnecessary drama ensue when Alex, Olivia, serena, and Abbie go to Provincetown for a "grand gay vacation" and run into two very interesting women from. One of whom looks exactly like abbie! Complete Three days 18 Alex/Olivia "At the beginning of their torrid relationship, each intimate encounter had been a minor battle. Eventually, they arrived at a truce for their physical and emotional health. Tuesday was Olivia's day and Fridays belonged to Alex." Complete no small Thing 18 Alex/Olivia "Sometimes." she paused, searching for the right words. "Sometimes, i feel guilty.

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Complete magnetic Resistance Alex/Olivia despite taking a leave of absence to join an international task force, alex Cabot finally decides to pursue a relationship with Detective olivia benson. Olivia's insecurities, a serial killer, and the interferences of a well-meaning Abbie carmichael can only make things more difficult. A decade of sexual tension and denial is about to unravel. But maybe for the better. Complete At The beach 18 Alex/Olivia alex's attempts at manipulating Olivia go awry during a vacation at the beach, with unexpectedly shakespeare pleasant results for both of them. Complete The Interview 18 Alex/Olivia Abbie/Serena no synopsis given. Complete rings 18 Alex/Olivia "I think alex said, her low voice imitating Olivia's purr, "that people began wearing wedding bands on their left hands because they used their right hand for more important things." Complete All In The cards 18 Alex/Olivia Abbie/Serena law order. Getting drunk on poker night gives six l o ladies some deep insights, Alex makes a surprising suggestion from across the bridge table, and Olivia decides that losing a hand can be advantageous. Complete Tricks and Treats 18 Alex/Olivia Abbie/Serena law order crossover - halloween hijinks ensue at Abbie and Serena's costume party.

ghost stories wallpaper

Complete The eighth day of Christmas pg alex/Olivia day 8 of my warble of the 12 days of Christmas - eight days a-packin' complete Other Side of the world pg-13 Alex/Olivia olivia linux just needs to get away for awhile. Complete The resurrection of Butchy McFabulous pg-13 Alex/Olivia alex is back and finds her return may have come too late to save olivia as Butchy McFabulous has sailed far, far away to parts unknown. Complete a fairytale End pg-13 Tracey/Serena Alex/Olivia law order/Law order: tbj crossover - serena needs a favor. A really big favor. Complete femslash Island 15 Multi-fandom crossover - a peek into a modern day femslash soap opera, featuring various pairings from carefully chosen fandoms most of them placed in a different line of work set on a remote island, far, far away from life. Complete femslash Island: a whole new World 1 pg-13 Multi-fandom crossover - just another adventure on Femslash Island. Takes place six months later. On-going Snowed In pg-13 Alex/Olivia takes place before season 5, Episode 4: Loss.

pg alex/Olivia chocolate éclairs nypd crib. Complete The Aftermath of the Attack pg alex/Olivia multi-fandom crossover - the year that never was. Complete a case in point 15 Alex/Olivia   Tracey/Kelly law order: tbj crossover - tracey is assigned to present a case to the Grand Jury, a case she clearly doesn't want. Complete heat wave pg alex/Olivia stuck in a heat wave. Complete seasons of Change pg alex/Olivia olivia tries to work out where her butch has gone. Complete a halloween Carol pg alex/Olivia the ghost of butchness past comes to visit. Complete Chance meeting pg alex/Jane jane bond crossover - jane is forced to take refuge in a stranger's hotel room.

This was written for the 'fragments of Sappho' challenge essay on livejournal. Complete, a necessary delay, pG-13, alex/Olivia. This was written in response to a livejournal challenge involving a set of keys and a courtroom. This was written in response to a livejournal challenge to include a police vehicle and citrus fruit. Complete, halloween in Smalltown, usa, pG-13, alex/Olivia, a special Halloween surprise in Smalltown, usa. Complete, speeding up the Process, pG-13, alex/Olivia, ripening. Complete, time on my hands pg alex/Olivia two women's thoughts of solitude and of each other at a single point in time. Complete Close Encounter pg alex/Olivia a yacht at night.

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Waiting review for a stall 15, alex/Olivia, originally written for the femslash_fluff lj community, this is in response to a challenge by the_girl_20 which involves waiting in line for the bathroom in a club and a glow stick. Complete, a grand Plan, pG, serena/Abbie Alex/Olivia. Law order crossover - olivia sends Serena and Abbie on a trip. Complete, getting reacquainted, pg, alex/Olivia, sequel to 'a grand Plan' - olivia and Alex finally get reacquainted. Pg, alex/Olivia, olivia has to hide Alex in the last place anyone would think to look for her. Complete, sleepless in New York, pg, alex/Olivia, olivia experiences sleepless nights as she waits for Alex's return. Complete, falling for you, pG-13, alex/Olivia.

ghost stories wallpaper
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