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Why do i think, gates of Fire is so bad? I have many "literary" reasons, and one important philosophical reason. Let me get those literary reasons out the way first. The part of the book review from. The new York times says that, gates of Fire "has a feeling of authenticity about it from beginning to end." Authenticity implies among other things - consistency "from beginning to end." But, the first problem I noticed while reading. Gates of Fire was the authors refusal to keep a concept, thought or motivation consistent from chapter to chapter, let alone from paragraph to paragraph. For an example of inconsistency on a grand scale, consider the arrival of the Greek army at Thermopylae before the battle. This event is described by xeones twice in the book.

Themes that are important today, and were important 2500 years ago, in a seemingly simpler time. A time when the defense of paper the pass at Thermopylae did, in fact, make the difference between freedom and slavery for Classical Greece. The author of, gates of Fire provides answers to some of the questions it raises. Some of those answers may be correct. But, the wooden writing, the cardboard characters, and the poor to non-existent editing trivialize all the answers presented. I actually read this book which is something many reviewers apparently did not bother. It is a lousy book. It is the worst example of historical fiction I have ever read. It is so bad, that at first I wondered whether it might be a literary joke. Now i am sure. But not in the way i first thought.

gates of fire book review summary

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As of the 28th of January 1999, gates of Fire was listed on m as the 41st best selling new novel in their fiction section, and as the 8th best selling novel in their historical fiction section. On m I found excerpts from reviews. Kirkus, publishers weekly, library journal and, the publisher, all positive. Some of them are lyrical in their praise. Gates of Fire is about the much-celebrated attempt by 300 Spartans including their king leonidas and a essay few thousand allied Greeks, to defend the seaside pass of Thermopylae against an invading Persian army under the persian king, xerxes, in 480BC. The original source for this three-day battle is the Greek historian Herodotus. The principal character and narrator in the novel is a greek named xeones, who, though badly wounded and dying, is the only Greek survivor of the battle. Gates of Fire addresses multiple themes including leadership, loyalty, duty, freedom, courage, and the place of the military and military discipline in the life of a country and its citizens.

gates of fire book review summary

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Prescribing actions that could be taken physically. If you have to thank choke it down. For this sight strikes terror into the enemy. Relay it first to those in grade above you. That you imagine you fight for here today. The historical novel, gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield has received almost universally good reviews. It received outstanding reviews in both the. New York times and the, new York times book review, and good reviews in, the new Yorker and, usa today.

If bad news comes. What is this glue? Can a current day marine corps unit achieve such glue? Dont let your men see you toss. Dienekes states The opposite of fear is love. I want to see shields flashing like mirrors. Forget wife and children and freedom. King leonidas confined his instructions to the practical.

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gates of fire book review summary

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Why or why not? Dienekes states to the Spartans before day three of the battle. Act for this thesis alone: for the man who stands at your shoulder. Hands and feet clean. Why do you feel this book is contained on the.

Talks of the glue that made the phalanx great.4. For he who whets his steel whets his courage. Which he knew would evaporate as soon as the subordinate commanders dispersed beyond the fortifying light of the kings fire. Never directly to your men. Here is what you. Look to your grooming. Is this true today with the Global War on Terrorism?

Many centuries later,. Marshall writes his book, the, soldiers load and the mobility of a nation, which argues against such loads. In an age of an increasing number of battlefield aids/gadgets for infantrymen, how can leaders keep soldiers loads manageable? Is our only option to be strong and hump lots of weight as xeones and. Compare how dienekes kept his men from becoming possessed after the battle against the, syrakusans and the Antirhionians (Chapter Eleven) with the following" by general Dwight.

Eisenhower: There is a demon in every man. It is the duty of every officer to control that demon within himself, and in his men. Are you more like king Xerxes or King leonidas? And everything is contained within him. Leave time for your men to sharpen their spears. Are such instructions applicable to todays Marines? Instruct your squires to buff each mans aspis shield to its most brilliant sheen. Rather than seeking to produce a state of mind.

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It was here that three hundred of Spartas finest warriors held back the invading millions of the persian Empire and valiantly gave their lives in the selfless service of democracy and freedom. A simple engraved stone marks their burial ground. Narrated by the sole survivor of the epic battle - a squire in the Spartan heavy infantry, gates of, fire is a depiction of one mans indoctrination into the Spartan way of life and death, and of the legendary men and women who gave the. Culminating in the electrifying and horrifying epic battle, gates of, fire weaves history, mystery, and heartbreaking romance into a literary page-turner that brings the homeric tradition into the 21st Century. (m recommended Study/Discussion questions for, gates of, fire. In Chapter five, dienekes mentors Alexandros. Dienekes states that Spartans excuse without penalty the warrior who loses his helmet or breastplate in battle, but punish with loss of all citizenship rights the man who discards his shield, since the helmet and breastplate are carried for ones own protection while the shield. What equipment today, if any, should be equated to a spartan shield? In Chapter Twenty-one, xeones describes the soldiers load mom carried by he and dienekes from Sparta to Thermopylae.

gates of fire book review summary

In addition to her strength, however, she also had cunning, as she was able to interrogate and grill xeones without any problem as well as being able to tell when he mention was lying. She was a true show of cunning and strength in Spartan women. Gates of, fire, by Steven Pressfield, synopsis: Set in 480. C., Pressfields elegiac historical novel is an epic retelling of the persian victory over 300 Spartan soldiers at Thermopylae. Annotation: Tells the story of the battle of Thermopylae in 480. C., when 300 warriors of Sparta held back an overwhelming number of rampaging soldiers from the persian Empire for six days before being wiped out. From the publisher: Thousands of years ago, herodotus and Plutarch immortalized Spartan society in their histories; but today, little is left of the ancient city or the social structure of this momentous culture. One of the few antiquarian marks of the civilization that has survived lies scores of miles away from Sparta, at a narrow Greek mountain pass called Thermopylae.

some respect despite being an outsider. He does what hes told because thats what he has to get done to become assimilated and be apart of Spartan life, to become a spartan man as Sparta breeds men. Lady paraleia is the mother of Alexandros, a main character in Gates of Fire, as well as being wife to one of the commanders of the Spartan army, olympieus. Spartan women are quite different from other women in ancient Greece. They have sons for the army and it seems they don't care for thie kids, husbands, or brothers when they are sent out to war. They grieve the loss and they certainly don't want it to happen. However, she has a courage that even the great King leonidas sees. Leonidas tells Paraleia that he did not choose the 300 on valor or strength, but on their women. He knew that Paraleia, twice afflicted over as young Alexandros and his father Olympieus were chosen among the 300, would become a beacon of strength, of hope, for all of Greece after the persians finally marched through the hot Gates, Thermopylae.

He is an important character as i also think that he represents hatred as a human emotion. Its something wild, like dekton, its unpredictable and has a root cause, but in the make end, it is curable and can change someone for the better if handled correctly. As the main character, xeones is naturally developed in the story. He is a very honorable person from when he was young, all the way until the end of the story. He seems to be the epitome of honor. Xeones goes through multiple bouts with himself on many different occasions. Early in his youth, when he was just surviving after the sack of his city, he contemplates suicide and almost succeeds in doing so, however, the god Apollo, comes down to speak with him and gives him hope.

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Dekton is a character that is what they would call a bastard son. His father was a hero in Sparta for his wisdom and strength in battle. However, he had sex with a woman from one of the conquered countries, messena. As dekton was illegitimate, he was treated as hippie a slave, not of a higher social status. For this, he hated the Spartans. He considered himself Messenian, after his mother. The motives are fairly understandable. Rooster, as the nickname was given to him during the story, feels abandoned without his father as well as mistreated for he knows hes the son of a spartan. He claims to hate the Spartans more than anything, he wishes to murder all of them, but deep down, he has a buried respect and yearns for them, to be them.

gates of fire book review summary
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Review, of, gates of fire by Steven Pressfield. It received outstanding reviews in both the new York times and the new York times. To view 3 Short Summaries and 6 book reviews for this book, visit our Gates of Fire - summary and Analysis page).

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  1. Lady paraleia is the mother of Alexandros, a main character. Gates of Fire, as well as being wife to one of the commanders of the Spartan army, olympieus. Gates of Fire book review by fwgfssg. Share on Facebook, opens a new window; Share on Twitter, opens a new window.

  2. Review, category / a- reviews book, reviews ancient-greece / Military 20 Comments. Pressfield, i was wandering through Waldenbooks with a coupon in my hand, unable to find any books that I truly wanted to buy when the cover of, gates of Fire caught my eye. Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield Summarized by pfc claypool, jordan The. Gates of Fire is a historical fiction war thriller set in the times of ancient.

  3. Herodotus, who made. Pressfield s story possible, would have enjoyed this book. —the new York times, book.

  4. D.) Retrieved from https. Gates of Fire we were soldiers, book. Reviews for, gates of Fire an incredibly gripping.

  5. Summary of, gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield. Below is a list of, gates of Fire, cliff Notes and, gates of Fire. Not looking for a, gates of Fire summary? Gates of Fire we were soldiers, book, report review,.

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