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The basic story idea had the tardis bring the doctor and his companions to the nevada desert, where they discover they have been shrunk to a tenth of an inch in height. To make matters worse, they learn that the local ants have been made super-intelligent by atomic bomb tests and plan to take over the earth. 35 Bar Kochbar edit Written by roger Dixon, this story was submitted in early 1967. 35 Notes simon bar kokhba was the jewish leader of what is known as the bar kokhba revolt against the roman Empire in 132 ad, establishing an independent Jewish state which he ruled for three years as Nasi prince. His state was conquered by the romans in 135 following a two and half-year war. 36 The big Store edit Written by david Ellis malcolm Hulke, this story was submitted on 15 november 1966 37 and would involve faceless aliens infiltrating department stores as display mannequins.

29 The hounds of Time edit mall Written by Brian hayles, not much is known about. 31 The man from the met edit Written by george kerr, not much is known about. 28 30 The nazis edit Written by Brian hayles. 32 hayles was commissioned to write a storyline for The nazis on March 8, 1966. Shortly thereafter, however, he was engaged to write The Smugglers, which he was told should take a higher priority. The nazis was ultimately abandoned on June 15, 1966, with the sentiment being that the events it portrayed were too close to the present day. 33 The Ocean Liner edit Written by david Ellis, not much is known about. 27 This storyline was submitted by david Ellis as a spy thriller in April 1966. It was rejected on the grounds that it was too far out for Doctor essay Who. 34 The people Who couldn't Remember edit Written by david Ellis malcolm Hulke, not much is known about. 27 Other First Doctor stories edit The son of Doctor Who, a story idea originated by william Hartnell 14, allegedly involving the doctor's "evil offspring" according to the factual Doctor Who book "The vault" "Untitled American civil War storyline", by unknown author "Untitled Egyptian storyline".

avatar movie wallpaper

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Submitted for season 4 edit The Clock edit Written by david Ellis, not much is known about. 27 The evil eye edit Written by geoffrey orme, not much is known about. 28 This story was rejected in August 1966. 29 The hearsay machine edit Written by george kerr, not much is known about. This idea was submitted around the start of April 1966 and rejected by story editor Gerry davis make on June 15, 1966. 28 30 The heavy scent of violence edit Written by george kerr, not much is known about. 28 30 The herdsmen of Aquarius edit Written by donald Cotton, 28 and also known as The herdsmen of Venus, not much is known about. This story would involve the loch Ness Monster and was under consideration in early august 1966.

avatar movie wallpaper

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This was Holmes first story submission for the series, and was primarily add rejected due to the robots role being similar to that of the mechanoids in The Chase from the previous season. 24 Holmes would later resubmit this story idea to producer Peter Bryant on which led to the commissioning of what would become The Krotons. 25 The White witch edit Written by Brian hayles, not much is known about. 21 22 "Untitled storyline (Lucarotti edit Written by john Lucarotti 5 and was planned to be about the 1857 Indian Mutiny. 26 "Untitled storyline (Lucarotti 2 edit Written by john Lucarotti 5 and was planned to be about leif Eriksson. Citation needed Story editor Donald Tosh turned down the storyline due to having already recently featured vikings in The time meddler. Lucarotti later penned a short story for an issue of Doctor Who magazine published in 1992 (issue 184 called "Who discovered America? which reuses the rejected storyline.

Submitted for season 2 edit The dark Planet edit Written by Brian hayles. 19 It was later adapted by matt Fitton for Big Finish's The lost Stories range in September 2013. Submitted for season 3 edit The face of God edit Written by john Wiles, not much is known about. 20 The hands of Aten edit Written by Brian hayles, not much is known about. Submitted in november 1965, but was dropped January 1966. 21 22 The new Armada edit Written by david Whitaker, not much is known about. 23 The Space Trap edit Written by robert Holmes and submitted to Story editor Donald Tosh on This four-part story idea involved the doctor and his three companions arriving on an uninhabited planet to discover a space craft controlled by robots while its human occupants. The doctor and his companions are taken captive and trained up by the robots as the replacement crew members, however only three additional crew members are required, so the member of the doctor's party that proves least useful is to be callously killed off.

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13 14 Farewell Great Macedon edit farewell Great Macedon (also known as Alexander the Great in the script's early stages) was a six-part story resume pitched for season 1 and was written by moris Farhi. In the story, the doctor and his companions are framed for murder as part of a conspiracy to kill Alexander the Great and must pass a number of trials, including walking on hot coals, to gain the trust of his bodyguard Ptolemy. 15 16 The script was published by nothing at the End of the lane in October 2009. 17 It was later adapted by nigel Robinson for Big Finish's The lost Stories range in november 2010. The Fragile yellow Arc of Fragrance edit The Fragile yellow Arc of Fragrance was the first script sent by moris Farhi. It was one episode long and was a calling card piece never seriously pitched for production.

This story never made it to the production stage, and was included in the 2009 publication of Farhi's script for Farewell Great Macedon. The living World edit Alan wakeman was one of several writers contacted by david Whitaker in mid-1963. The story was commissioned on It involved a planet ruled by sentient rocks and trees, with the ability to control humans with an inaudible sound. A four-part episodic storyline breakdown of the story featured in the third volume of the magazine nothing at the End of the lane. In this breakdown the following episode titles are"d: "Airfish "What Eats What "The living Planet" and "Just in Time". Note that in the script, susan is referred to as suzanne, and Barbara pdf is referred to as Miss Canning. The concept of living plants had been used in one episode of the season 1 serial The keys of Marinus.

Britain 408 ad edit Written by malcolm Hulke. 11 The story involved the departure of the romans from Britain around the start of the fifth century in the midst of clashes against the celts and the saxons, culminating with the time travellers fleeing the indigenous savages back to the safety of the tardis. Britain 408 ad was first submitted on September 2, 1963. Story editor david Whitaker asked Hulke to revise his original storyline as he felt that the plot—with its many opposing factions—was too complicated, and that the serial's conclusion echoed that of "100,000 BC" too closely. It was hoped that an amended version of Britain 408 ad might occupy the sixth slot of season One (Serial f to be directed by Christopher Barry, but on September 23 it was decided that the production block did not need another historical story and. The spot in the schedule was ultimately occupied by The aztecs, while hulke began work on The hidden Planet instead (see below).

Following Whitaker's departure, hulke resubmitted Britain 408. It was rejected on April 2, 1965, by Whitaker's successor, dennis Spooner, because the romans had already featured in his own The romans. 12 The hidden Planet edit The hidden Planet by malcolm Hulke was commissioned in December 1963 and at one point was to be the seventh serial of Series. 1 13 The story would have concerned a planet in an orbit opposite earth's, with a parallel but in some ways opposite society to ours; for example, women were to be the dominant sex and all clovers would have four leaves. The original script was sent back for rewrites, and due to a pay dispute the rewrites were not made until after Susan had left the series; this necessitated further rewriting. A third submission was similarly rejected as Ian and Barbara were due to leave, and the script was dropped. 1 The story was the subject of an April fool's day prank in 1983, when Doctor Who magazine issue 76 claimed that one episode had in fact been filmed and rediscovered, and would be integrated into a twentieth anniversary special co-starring the fifth Doctor entitled. The red Fort edit Written by terry nation. Commissioned in September 1963, terry nation had intended for his second seven-part serial to be set during the British Raj in India (probably to have been the eighth serial but the story was ultimately abandoned as the daleks became a success, and demand for further.

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The story's premise was reused for a submission by robert gould, The miniscules, which was planned to be the fourth serial, but this story was dropped in January 1964. 5 The masters of Luxor edit The masters of Luxor, originally titled gpa The robots, was a six-part story submitted by Anthony coburn for Series 1, but never produced, in which the doctor faces a self-aware robot which is trying to gain a soul. It was rejected by the production team in mid-September 1963 in favour of Terry nation 's first Dalek serial. 6 Titan books published the unused scripts in August 1992. 7 8 Edited by john McElroy, it was the fifth in the series of Doctor Who script books, and the first to appear after a break in publication following The daleks (December 1989 during which the rights to the stories were negotiated with bbc enterprises. 9 The text of Coburn's script was amended to fit in with accepted conventions for example, consistent use of the name "Susan rather than the "suzanne" and "Sue" used by coburn. 10 Major differences in style between these scripts and the transmitted series include a religious subtext, with the doctor clearly presented as a believer. 8 It was later adapted by nigel Robinson for Big Finish's The lost Stories in August 2012.

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Shada was made into an audio play of the same name, while several unmade serials have been compiled into an audio series released. Big Finish called, the lost Stories. Contents, first Doctor edit, submitted for season 1 edit, nothing at the End of the lane/The giants edit The first serial of the series was originally to be simple written. Webber, 1 2 3 and would concern the four main characters (at that point named as the doctor, Cliff, lola, and Biddy) being shrunk to a "miniature size" and attacked by giant animals. The episode would have revealed that the doctor had escaped from "his own galaxy" in the year 5733, seeking a perfect society in the past, and that he was pursued by agents from his own time who sought to prevent him from stopping their society. 4 The story was rejected in June 1963 on the grounds that the story was too thin on characterisation and that the giant monsters would be clichéd and too expensive to produce. Much of the setup was retained for An Unearthly Child, though the details about the doctor's home were removed.

hiatus twice—once in 1985, and again in 1989—causing the serials planned for the following series to be shelved. The plots of the unmade serials also vary. A theme of a civilisation where women are dominant was proposed twice—once for. The hidden Planet, and again for, the Prison in Space. In some cases, elements of unmade serials were adapted, or were moved from one serial to another; for example, song of the Space Whale was intended to be the introduction. Vislor Turlough until it was repeatedly set back, causing. Mawdryn Undead to be turlough's first appearance. Some unused stories have since been adapted for other media.

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