48 shades of brown essay

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In any case, this combination looks solid and elegant. Brown in clothes Which color is brown? This question is asked by any fashionable woman who wants to impress, in the wardrobe of which there are many things of different shades of brown. Let's say right away that brown is combined with yellow, green, and sometimes with dark red flowers. On the contrast, brown is usually combined with blue and turquoise. Fashionable and stylish in recent times is considered a combination of brown and coral. Noble looks brown in a duet with lemon, and also with all shades of lilac and pale pink.

It perfectly matches almost all colors and fits all girls and women. Brown shades will be an excellent base for creating different images and experiments with different styles. The very word "brown" comes from the name of a reddish-brownish cinnamon - a famous and beloved by individuality many spices. Color - that's what makes cinnamon ancestor of brown color. Meanwhile, any artist will tell essay you that brown is a non-spectral color, that is, it does not enter the palette of primary colors, but is obtained by mixing, for example, red and green pigments. Brown in the visual arts What colors are combined with brown? If you ask this question to the artist, he will answer that with cream, cream, sand, orange, yellow, pink and green colors are well combined. In general, a combination of brown with natural colors or so-called natural tones is considered classic. After all, the brown one itself is a natural color (brown earth, tree bark.). It blends well with brown and dark shades.

48 shades of brown essay

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As for, they should be restrained and muffled. However, if you use bright and rich purple, it will interrupt our color and break the overall color harmony. For the office the combination dark, medium brown and. Light trunk brown lilac will create a romantic image for a date. Gray-brown purple red (or orange) - a bright, effective and dynamic solution for courageous women of fashion. Brown (Beige) Shades of brown are not bad combined with each other, while you can get very interesting and elegant options. Main rules: Lighter shades need to be combined with darker shades; vivid, rich colors combine with muted and dark. You can experiment by connecting not only two shades, but three and four. The brown color in your wardrobe will be a win-win solution for any situation.

48 shades of brown essay

48 shades of brown essays (high school research paper

Blue (Turquoise) Calm and harmonious combination for every day. More tender pastel shades blue, or better combine with a light brown tinge. This will allow the colors to merge into a harmonious color melody and create a unique and very feminine color. Light blue jeans and a brown turtleneck or a brown jacket with a white t-shirt (shirt) are a versatile kit. Exquisite option: Tan turquoise. Additional colors in this version of the combination can serve as: White, beige, gently-yellow. More saturated shades of turquoise - dark turquoise well support already darker and rich shades of brown. Green purple (Lilac) A soft and discreet combination, can become the height of elegance and elegance, if you choose the right shades.

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48 shades of brown essay

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One of the most stylish options is "peas" or "cage". In general, the field for experiments here is quite large, and the restriction of three colors will serve you only on hand. Gray the main thing here is to choose the right shades of brown, otherwise your kit will look dull and dull. Well warmer and more saturated shades of brown - essay yellow, red, light brown. The white color in your gray-brown dress will help dilute monotony, refresh and add brightness. Blue what color is still good with brown in clothes? The color of the sky and the color of the earth form a harmonious combination.

Just so that it does not look boring, combine colors different in tone, for example, dark blue light brown or bright saturated blue soft light brown. In general, the pair will be best essays looked at the warmest shades of brown, (red and yellow-brown). The most spectacular third in this pair will be White or Blue. With a dark blue color, it is best to combine more subdued shades of brown, for example, gray-brown. This combination will look more noble, sophisticated and elegant. If it seems too dark, then just add a white thing that will help dilute the overall color and make color scheme more "alive and fresh".

Sufficiently well combined with many colors, we can say that it is universal. Brown shades can often be found when composing basic wardrobes, where the main quality is universality and good compatibility with different colors and styles. Of course, choosing a pair for a thing in brown, it is worth considering what kind of shade you have, because with different shades, additional colors will look different. The combination of brown with other colors in clothes can be built according to the principle of matching color pairs with: White, black, gray, blue, blue (Turquoise green. Yellow, red (Orange purple (Lilac) Brown (Beige) White with white, any color looks spectacular and for any given combination is classic.

If you combine dark brown with white, you get an expressive contrast option, if light brown - gentle, soft and feminine. The combination is universal and will be appropriate both at the solemn event, and in everyday attire. Black It is believed that the combination of brown in clothes looks too strict, boring and produces depressing and depressive effects. This is true if you combine black and dark brown without any bright accents or additional things of more vivid shades. It is best to wear black with lighter shades of brown, for example, coffee with milk, yellow-brown, ocher, and taup. This neighborhood looks elegant and interesting. If you add a white to this pair, then the set is more elegant. The best combination: Brown (medium or light shades) Black white black and White The combination of black and white with any color is considered universal and basic. You can make a set of both monochrome things, and experiment with different black and white patterns, drawings or prints on clothes.

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It has notes of yellow and orange. This is a universal and quite democratic color and at the same time incredibly refined. This shade of brown looks especially successful on soft materials, for example, sweaters or blouses. Flying and flowing light brown fabrics also look good. Harmonizes with all shades except gray. Best for girls with spring color appearance. Gold or leather accessories will be a good addition to the along. Shade Options writing coffee with milk (latte brown in clothes the - combination and photo.

48 shades of brown essay

Yellow-brown - shade with the addition of more yellow color. If the yellow is added even more, we will get a shade ocher, these warm shades will suit the girls of the spring color. An excellent choice for business style. They look good in games sets of ethnic or oriental style. Combine better with softer shades, for example, blue, light green or white. Gray-brown - quite self-sufficient, but it will best serve as a background for other brighter colors. In summer it is better to combine with cream, raspberry, mint or milky shades, and in winter - with burgundy, emerald, mustard, dark blue. The shade is universal and the girl with any type of appearance will approach. Light brown - unique and multifaceted.

is added if it is necessary to get lighter shades. Dark brown (dark chocolate) - refined and conservative. Perfectly suitable for evening dress, because jewelry is combined with it is just perfect. Also, dark brown will be a good option for everyday sets, so safely include in your wardrobe trousers, dress or jacket of this shade. These things will be appropriate in any situation and will suit girls and women with any type of appearance. Red-brown - contains a little more red, and if you add even more red, then we get a shade of brown, like terracotta, it is quite a rich color, it will also suit girls with any type of appearance, unlike the bright terracotta that suits.

Because of his quiet energy, he is good, both in the office and on vacation. The hue of taup can be both romantic and rude. Because of his "dark" past, there is still a prejudiced attitude towards him, like the color of poverty, but you summary can often find expensive things of gray-brown tones. Be careful, do not wear clothes of this color for important meetings, leave it for those who already made up your mind about you. The hue taup is suitable for non-contrasting color types, such. This color is one of the most popular in clothes, because it is universal and easily combined with other colors. The brown got its name from the word "bark that is, the bark of an oak tree. He is the personification of nature itself, the color of the earth.

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Home colouristics ยป The combination of colors is white brown. What does not brown match? Wardrobe in brown tones - the the basis of harmony - with a gray-blue color (2) - a soft, contrasting, vintage combination. Dreamy, like the sky above a solid gray-brown hue. This natural, soothing combination will be an excellent color solution. Light brown in clothes, gray-brown shade is included in the list of basic colors of clothing, that is, the most that does not fit the classic. This shade is well combined with pastel and neutral, and bright colors.

48 shades of brown essay
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Fifty Shades Of Grey sample. Of course, choosing a pair for a thing in brown, it is worth considering what kind of shade you have, because with different shades, additional colors).

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