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First, here are five ways job sites fail the job seeker: 1) The job boards like monster, careerbuilder, and Hotjobs fail to give job seekers the data they need to make adjustments and navigate opportunities. How many people already applied to this job? . How does my resume compare to the other applicants? . What were people search for when they found my resume? . How many views did my resume get? . Did anyone even look at it after I sent it in? 2) LinkedIn is masterful at making you think you should be on there, giving you the impression that you'll be networking, and then having you scratch your head as to what the point. .

every job is nearly already findable through aggregators like m and Simply hired. . Just like the market specialists on Wall Street who disappeared when electronic trading came into maturity, many of the players adding friction in the middle of this marketplace will go away. . we're seeing this happen on college campuses, where employers are connecting directly with students and visits to essays career centers are way down. . Sure, there may be some people still finding niches to connect people-but surely a lot less in a hyperconnected, seemless world. What we're heading to, like it or not, is a form of electronic trading markets for people-where exactly who you are and what you can do can get instantly mapped to exactly the company and role that makes the most sense for you and your. Unfortunately for most of the existing players-a resume and a job post not the kinds of data infrastructure that will get us there. . A resume doesn't tell you nearly enough about who i am and what I can do, and job post doesn't tell me anything about the path that post leads to or what my experience is likely to be in that position. . That's why all these "eHarmony for jobs" companies are failing to get the job done. . Trying to get everyone in the right place seemlessly with such poor data building blocks would be like trying to run a stock market ticker with refrigerator magnets. There are all sorts of incentive issues and missteps in the job space. . Here are just a few, as I see them, from both sides.

want to send my resume

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Or really just one, dressed up as tons. . On writing top of that, there is a severe lack of focus on behalf of the job seeker-and if you're not helping people with their career, just what are you doing? Early in 2008, my partner Alex Lines and I finished raising a small angel round and got to work on building a company called. . we're a small team working on an innovate approach to career guidance-and we're getting closer and closer to meeting our potential each day, but we're still not there yet. The career space still haven't solved really basic problems of helping people find jobs and careers-and each year the potential of the technology pushes forward, the industry falls further and further behind. . The future is coming much faster than the current players are preparing for. It's clear that five to ten years from now-everyone is findable on the web. .

want to send my resume

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Use the space for more detail. mark Frietch, president of, tac Services, follow david mielach on Twitter @. Follow us @ bndarticles, facebook or, google. Originally published on, businessNewsDaily. Ask the average venture investor how excited they are about the recruiting space-you'd get more enthusiasm in the waiting room of a essay dentist's office. . I don't blame them. . There are a million "me, too!" companies and the space is nearly devoid of innovation. How many ways can you smuch a resume against a job post? .

Windsor Resources, don't skip the starting and ending dates for each position you've held. Employers are looking to see your employment continuity, tenure and commitment. If that information is missing on one résumé and it's included on another candidate's résumé who has similar skills and experience, i'll move them into the "consider" pile and the incomplete résumé into the "not consider" pile. Arlene vernon, president of, hRx. People should name their résumé by their first and last name. A lot of times candidates will send in résumés named "espence_résumé91.pdf, résumé2013, or even revision5résumé. I'm glad you have revised your résumé 5 times, but it would be great if version six had just your first and last name. . pete juratovic, president of, clikzy creative, with the widespread use of social media sites like. LinkedIn, there is no need to add pictures to résumés.

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want to send my resume

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Riklan Resources, avoid using dated Microsoft packages for your word essay doc résumé, as new systems dont always read the document accurately, with many résumés coming through unreadable at the worst or unaligned at the best. Chris Delaney, founder of, employment King, in an effort to make their résumé stand out, some job seekers are using colored paper to stand out. This might actually work in a few, very few, instances, but I would almost always advise against it unless you are in a creative industry and you're résumé is amazing. . paul Chittenden, co-founder of. JobKaster, i just hired an assistant and had to review over 250 résumés and cover letters for this position.

My ad asked to not send a generic cover letter and to visit our website and explain why their skills are a good fit for. Seventy percent of the time they'd shoot off a non-customized résumé, and 90 percent of the time they wouldn't include a cover letter. Because persuasive of this lack of following direction it weeded out a huge portion of applicants. julie weinhouse, principal at, hero entertainment Marketing, i get frustrated when people do not have their past job responsibilities in past tense. You are no longer doing that job; it is imperative to make sure your résumé reflects that. rachel Bass, executive recruiter.

Treated some special cases like schizophrenia coordinating with the physicians in different treatment procedures Responsible to keep proper record of the patients and the medicines given to them Regularly monitoring the improvement in the health of the patient qualification Completed Bachelor of Nursing Science from. Conn (Psychiatric Nurse) Conezap health care center 4302 Bel meadow Drive los Angeles, ca 90017 A sample of a psychiatric nurse resume has been given above, which you can refer and customize, to make your resume for your next job. The samples are always helpful when you craft a resume for any job. Credit: Angry employee via, shutterstock, crafting a résumé that is unique and impressive is the goal of every job seeker. However, there is no one blueprint to follow in this process.

Despite that lack of guidance, one surefire way to prevent your résumé from making the circular file is to avoid some of these most common résumé pet peeves of hiring managers. Your objective should never be, "I want to work at X company in Y role." That's a no-brainer, the act of submitting an application indicates interest in the role. What do you want to do with your career? What do you want to bring to a company? If you can't come up with something unique and engaging, leave the objective off of your résumé all together. Bethany perkins, head recruiter for, software Advice 50 Job skills to put on your Resume. For most fonts, size 10 is the absolute smallest, and even then it might be too small, depending on the font you are using. If your reader needs to take out his/her reading glasses to read your résumé, you have already aggravated them and your résumé is heading for the trash can. Michelle riklan, founder and managing director.

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Responsible to keep proper record of the patients and their treatment. Ensure writing that medicine and injections are given to the patients at the right time. Responsible to plan and maintain the daily nutritional cycle. Company : trunk Zumtex health Care center, designation : Psychiatric Nurse. Duration : July 2008 to august 2010. Responsibilities : Observing and evaluating the conditions of the patients regularly. Responsible to regularly monitor the mental improvement in the patients.

want to send my resume

Possess excellent godt psychiatric skills, able to identify the mental changes in a patient, and excellent ability to record improvement. Highly skilled to use latest medical equipment. Strong communication skills in written and verbal English. Possess good interpersonal skills, able to work in diverse working environment. Work Experience, company : Nimplus health Care center, designation : Psychiatric Nurse. Duration : September 2010 to till date. Responsibilities : Responsible to observe the behavioral changes in the patients. Responsible to operate the medical equipment required to treat the patients. Assisting the physicians in different procedures and treatments.

helps you to prove your candidature for a particular job, before you meet an employer face to face. Nursing (Psychiatric) Resume Example. Hayslett 4450 Strother Street, birmingham, al 35203, contact. Email Id: Objective, looking for the position of a psychiatric Nurse in an esteemed organization. I want to utilize my skills, and five years of experience, for the growth of the organization. Skills, excellent ability to deal with different types of patients with mental disabilities. Possess good knowledge of cmht model.

Generally, a psychiatric Nurse should dream have a bachelor's degree in nursing, from a nursing school or university. You can pursue a bachelor's degree in any of the courses of nursing. Apart from a degree in nursing, it would be highly beneficial to have a a certification as a psychiatric Nurse. A specialized certification will help you get the job easily, and it will also help you to hold the responsibilities efficiently. As a psychiatric Nurse you should have the ability to deal with the different mental disabilities of the patients. If you want to get hired for the position of a psychiatric Nurse, you need to fulfill all the requirements needed to become a registered nurse. You also need to draft a job winning psychiatric nursing resume, in order to get an interview call, and finally your dream job.

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Home medical Resume » Sample nurse (Psychiatric) Resume, psychiatric Nurses are registered nurses, and they are specialized to take care of patients with mental disorders. These nurses are found at different medical centers or large hospitals. The main responsibility of these nurses is to take care of the patients for short term, until they are discharged. It is possible that the patients might be suffering from different mental diseases, and these nurses help those patients in dealing with their mental condition. These nurses help their patients in administering the therapies and treatments, and make them function normally. They assist and coordinate with the doctors and develop different plans, as per the need of the patients. A psychiatric Nurse may work in a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, psychiatrists, gp's, occupational therapists, or other health professionals. These professionals have a wide area to work, such as hospitals, community health centers, specialist units, residential units, etc. If you want to join this field, then you need to possess an rn (Registered Nurse) license.

want to send my resume
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Warning: your seductive letter will melt your boyfriend 's heart and. Nvcl is excited to announce, small, library, grants to promote connection among cnv newcomers and long-term residents. Individuality encourages creative thinking and.

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  1. I had edited my resume many times before i used wso s service. Home » Medical Resume » Sample nurse (Psychiatric) Resume. You can mention your skills and experiences in your resume, and send it to a prospective employer.

  2. 9 resume pet peeves from hiring experts. Common Resume mistakes to avoid. A lot of times candidates will send in résumés named espence_résumé91.pdf, résumé2013, or even revision5résumé. resume review Service, investment Banking Resumes, finance resume templates.

  3. Download a free, resume, cover Letter Template for Microsoft Word and google docs. Hook the reader so they will want to read your resume. But for a short time, im re-opening the resume review offer that I ran earlier this year!.by starting it too early, including stack ranking on a resume, and more.

  4. What is the most important information on my resume? We do not ask you to include references on the resume that you do for. A résumé that stands out is a good thing - most of the time. Hello Thank you for your attention, I want to send my resume for you.

  5. What were people search for when they found my resume? Five compelling reasons why you should send resume on line: so, use one of the following methods to send resume. Your bio and resume are important!

  6. Why my resume got me a job offer at google. If you send a mediocre resume — even a good resume — off, youll never to hear a peep from anyone. Your resume should not be a list of facts. How many ways can you smuch a resume against a job post?

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