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I met Bruno haid in a cafe that Igor Schwarzmann could have been describing, an austere garage in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, full of blonde wood, understated leather furniture, and motorcycle gear, which the shop also sells. Haid is the founder of roam, an international "co-living" startup that promises its users — "Roamers" — the ability to move freely across residences in different countries for a monthly fee of 2,000 (or 500 per week). The company raised.4 million in funding in may, and currently manages spaces in Ubud, bali; miami; and Madrid. Buenos Aires and London are coming soon. The properties vary: roam Madrid is in an ornate 19th century building previously owned by the vatican, and Ubud is a former boutique hotel. But they share a basic structure: "a shared kitchen, even-sized private bedrooms, all have private bathrooms. The communal areas always have a really nice co-working space, always have high-end physical networking gear haid says. In every workspace, "wherever you go we have those eames aluminum chairs.

Meanwhile, international Airbnb Style continues attendant to reproduce, sometimes by outright appropriation. Zoé de las Cases and Benjamin Dewé, a french interior designer couple, were shocked when they discovered that Airbnb had replicated the design of an apartment that they listed on the platform for a meeting room in the companys San Francisco corporate office, down. The couple sued Airbnb in late 2015. "They are branding their company with our life dewé told buzzfeed. In making the replica rooms, company designers would "reproduce the exact sofa, as close as they could to the exact chair recalls Lisa bottom, a design director at Gensler, the architecture firm that designed the office will in 2014. Bottom says the meeting rooms were the brainchild of Airbnb founders joe gebbia and Brian Chesky, the risd graduates. Gensler arranged the companys meeting rooms around an atrium so that, "when you looked up through the atrium space, it was like looking at little snapshots of various cities bottom says. All places, in one place. Imagine traveling across continents in a pilgrimage to the headquarters of the company that helps you open your house to strangers only to find yourself — at home. Yet other startups are creating this globalized sameness-as-a-service in a self-enclosed package, a holistic AirSpace lifestyle.

the art of the essayist

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Yet Airbnb would prefer to dispel any association with the non-local. When i asked Harvey to clarify his definition of International Airbnb Style in writing, a pr rep interjected, and stopped our correspondence short: "Each host and guest will have their own personal thoughts on this phrase." However, some characteristics jump to mind: white or bright. "The industrial look and the mid-century suggests Natascha folens, an interior decorator and Airbnb consultant in the washington, dc area. "As long as it doesnt look cluttered and old.". International Airbnb Style may be associated with comfort and accessibility, but it is far from equally accessible to everyone. Earlier this year, quirtina Crittenden, a business consultant in Chicago, started the hashtag AirbnbWhileBlack to highlight experiences of discrimination on the platform, like hosts accepting reservations from an account with a white or anonymous avatar and denying a dark-skinned one. The observation was reinforced by a harvard Business School study finding that users with stereotypically African-American names were 16 percent less likely to be accepted by hosts. Its an issue the company knows it has to address; it recently appointed former peace corps director david King in the new position of "director of diversity and belonging." way "They are branding their company with our life.".

the art of the essayist

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Theres an International Airbnb Style thats starting to happen harvey continues. "I think that some of it is really a wonderful thing that gives people a sense of comfort and paperless immediate belonging when they travel, and some of it is a little generic. It can go either way." "The industrial look and the mid-century. As long as it doesnt look cluttered and old.". Hotels have long sold visions of comfort and stability, and Airbnb is evolving toward replicating the hotel industry it disrupted. In 2013, the company hired Chip Conley, the founder of the joie de vivre hotel group, as its head of global hospitality and strategy. But what makes Airbnb different is its decentralization. Like schwarzmanns copycat cafes, its aesthetic arises from tens of thousands of people making the same independent decisions rather than a corporate mandate. The airbnb marketplace is evolving toward its most effective product; it seems that what consumers want more than an exotic experience is something like a days Inn but more stylish and less obvious — a generic space hidden behind a seemingly unique facade.

A 2014 spot appropriates the nauseous, dissociative glamour. Lost in Translation s tokyo tourism in a series of shots out of various windows, looking into the foreign from a safe distance. In April of this year, another spot parodied tourist behavior — selfie sticks, segway tours — and set it against the "authentic" activities — falling asleep on the couch reading a book or watching your child build a pillow fort — enabled by a stay. It offered a vision of possessiveness, in which visitors consume recognizable symbols rather than encountering unfamiliar ones: "The local coffee shop is yours, too.". Aaron taylor Harvey, one of the leaders of Airbnbs environments team, which oversees the design of the companys offices around the world, has also noticed this pleasant sameness (Harvey estimates he has stayed at over 60 Airbnbs). While airbnb doesnt offer any decorating standards besides a few tips posted on their website show personality, not personal items one reads the existence of the platform itself and the needs of its users enables a certain sameness to spread. "you can feel a kind of trend in certain listings.

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the art of the essayist

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"i viewed it almost as google Street view for inside homes she says. Schwulst began saving images that appealed to her and posting them on a tumblr called "Modern Life Space. but she had a creeping feeling something was happening across the platform. "The airbnb experience is supposed to be about real people and authenticity schwulst says. "But so many wisdom of them were similar whether in Brooklyn, Osaka, rio de janeiro, seoul, or Santiago.

There was the prevalence of mass-produced but tasteful furniture, for one. "Its kind of an extension of ikea showrooms she says. But the similarities went beyond mass-production. The ideal Airbnb is both unfamiliar and completely recognizable: a sprinkling of specific cultural symbols of a place mixed with comprehensible devices, furniture, and decoration. "Its funny how you want these really generic things but also want authenticity, too schwulst says. Airbnbs advertising dwells in this paradox.

Airbnb is a prominent example. Even as it markets unique places as consumable goods, it helps its users travel without actually having to change their environment, or leave the warm embrace of AirSpace. Founded in 2008 by two graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design, airbnb allows "hosts" to rent out unused space in their own homes. It now includes more than 2 million spaces in over 190 countries. "Experience a place like you live there is the companys current credo. It heralds "a world where you can belong anywhere.".

Airbnbs early website design, when it was still called AirBed breakfast, was Craigslist-rough and functionalist, promoting shots of hosts or scenery over interior decorating better than a cheap hotel its embedded title text read). By late 2012, it settled into the house-porn format it embraces today, with high-resolution, full-bleed images that could have been pulled from the pages. The listings are presented not just as convenient hotel alternatives, but places where users would love to live permanently. The aspirational quality helped the company to blow past predecessors like couchsurfing. Org, which championed the experience of intruding in someone elses life rather than roleplaying being a local. In a sense, airbnb became an interactive lifestyle magazine. The ideal Airbnb is both unfamiliar and completely recognizable. In 2011, a new York artist and designer named laurel Schwulst started perusing Airbnb listings across the world in part to find design inspiration for her own apartment.

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As the geography of AirSpace spreads, so does a movie certain sameness. Schwarzmanns cafe phenomenon recalls what the architect Rem koolhaas noticed in his prophetic essay "The generic City from the 1995 book. S,m,l, xl : "Is the contemporary city like the contemporary airport—all the same?" he asks. "What if this seemingly accidental—and usually regretted—homogenization were an intentional process, a conscious movement away from difference toward similarity?". Yet AirSpace is now less theory than reality. The interchangeability, ceaseless movement, and symbolic blankness that was once the hallmark of hotels and airports, qualities that led the French anthropologist Marc Augé to define them in 1992 as "non-places has leaked into the rest of life. As an affluent, self-selecting group of people move through spaces linked by technology, particular sensibilities spread, and these small pockets of geography grow to resemble one another, as Schwarzmann discovered: the coffee roaster four Barrel in San Francisco looks like the australian Tobys Estate. You can get a dry cortado with perfect latte art at any of them, then Instagram it on a marble countertop and further spread the aesthetic to your followers. This confluence of style is being accelerated by companies that foster a sense of placelessness, using technology to break down geography.

the art of the essayist

at least to a certain. Craft beer and avocado toast. The homogeneity of these spaces means that traveling between them is frictionless, a value that Silicon Valley prizes and cultural influencers like schwarzmann take advantage. Changing places can be as painless as reloading a website. You might not even realize youre not where you started. Its possible to travel all around the world and never leave airSpace, and some people dont. Well-off travelers like kevin Lynch, an ad executive who lived in Hong Kong Airbnbs for three years, are abandoning permanent houses for digital nomadism. Itinerant entrepreneurs, floating on venture capital, might head to a bali accelerator for six months as easily as going to the grocery store. AirSpace is their home.

"Every coffee place looks the same schwarzmann says. The new cafe resembles all the other coffee shops foursquare suggests, whether in Odessa, beijing, los Angeles, or seoul: the same raw wood tables, exposed brick, and hanging Edison bulbs. Its not that these generic cafes are part of global chains like starbucks or Costa coffee, with designs that spring from the same corporate cookie cutter. Rather, they have all independently decided to adopt the same faux-artisanal aesthetic. Digital platforms like foursquare are producing "a harmonization of tastes" across the world, dream Schwarzmann says. "It creates you going to the same place all over again.". Its easy to see how social media shapes our interactions on the internet, through web browsers, feeds, and apps. Yet technology is also shaping the physical world, influencing the places we go and how we behave in areas of our lives that didnt heretofore seem so digital. Think of the traffic app waze rerouting cars in Los Angeles and disrupting otherwise quiet neighborhoods; Airbnb parachuting groups of international tourists into residential communities; Instagram spreading irl lifestyle memes; or foursquare sending traveling businessmen to the same cafe over and over again.

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By kyle Chayka illustrations by daniel Hertzberg. I gor Schwarzmann is the essay german co-founder of Third wave, a strategy consultancy based in Berlin that works with small-scale industrial manufacturers. The companys clients range across Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States, so Schwarzmann often finds himself moving between poles of the global economy. While traveling, he turns to foursquare for recommendations about where to eat and drink. "It knows what I like he says. Digital platforms like foursquare are producing "a harmonization of tastes.". Every time Schwarzmann alights in a foreign city he checks the app, which lists food, nightlife, and entertainment recommendations with the help of a social network-augmented algorithm. Then he heads toward the nearest suggested cafe. But over the past few years, something strange has happened.

the art of the essayist
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