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Turn around and wait till the little propeller platform is low enough to jump. Counting this platform turn left jump to your 5th platform and the 6th one will be going up and down time your jump and get on it let it take you. Turn right jump turn right jump again face forward (don't turn) jump turn right let it take you to the top and jump. Now you'll see a round carpet moving on the ground jump on it let it take you out turn left wait and jump on the red carpet turn left when it takes you to a new platform jump on. Keep facing forward run across and jump on the red carpet turn right and don't try to jump on the pillows flying at you when it takes you to another platform with a guy inside jump to it and go talk to him. Go out turn left and jump to the 2nd tan balloon on the right wait for the red carpet to come around ump on it turn left wait and jump to the other red carpet i! Gnore the pillows and jump when it takes you to a platform with 2 ball oons on it let it take you to a red pillow jump on it (colors are very important now there were hints earlier in the game but hey this. Red, orange, light green, dark green, purple, the green chair.

Traight and get on the bim sacred circle and you're off to lynlora for the 2nd visit. Lynlora 2nd visit go talk to gannish and she will give you a secret note or tune, then go to the market place and talk to the big guy with the horns and give him the Ogmire coin and he'll give you the blag whistle. Now go to where the catapult was and use the whistle and the note and you're off to the sky camp. The sky camp There is no fighting in this level but it can get very confusing, a lot of the carpets and flying things will fall on you in a few seconds so timing is important I cannot explain the timing but will. So quick saving is very important in this level. On some of the carpets and the flying ships and platforms if you miss just wait and it will take you back around to where you need. Use this time to get familiar with area. Jump on the green chair and down the pillows on to the carpet as soon as the other carpets appear start jumping to the platform with the balloon (you have about 3 to 5 seconds be fore the carpets start falling) as soon as you. After that go out and turn left and you'll see a red carpet waiting on you (it's best to angle the camera to where you can see skye's feet, these carpets alternate and will dump you about every 3 seconds so as soon as you. Rn right and now the carpet won't fall and take you to a floating platform jump.

skye writing

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Across and kill the other guy that was hiding and push the switch interests behind the first pillar pick up 4 spongites and go back across take your 1st left use a spongite and push that button go back out and go to the other door. Push that button and go back and you'll notice that on the right the platforms are high enough to get through the window so go there and push the switch in the window and get the key on the left now go out and around. Push that button turn around and go back to the main room and notice across to the right there is another window you can reach go over to that and push the switch on the ledge face the main room agai! N on the far right is the last window and switch. While pushing that y ou'll see the stones surfacing on your left go down and jump across those and go in the tower. Go to your left and fight your way through there is a tower in the middle and you'll see a door on your right that has apiece of wood to go in I did not find any thing in there and a door on your. Go up the tower and go to the 3rd opening jump across (make sure your health meter is full for these jumps) and drop down and you'll be at the left door go in and push the button and the wood on the very top. In the cut scene he'll give you his mom's head after that run s!

skye writing

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Now go back to the beginning to the 1st set of stairs and you'll see a new platform quick save and jump across, go through and you can go down and get some goodies in the cave thing go back up and jump up the. In this section there is a positive bug when you flip the switches for the coin and the skittle if you keep doing it over and over you can keep getting the skittle. Go straight the doors coming up it doesn't matter which door you take you'll end up in the room with the little guy that has a key over his head this is what you're looking for. After you kill them use the key on the locked door get the goodies and go to the 2 wooden switches. Left twice right 3 times and left 5 times and she says yeah i ordered the combination plate (again) turn around get the key, skittle, and the Ogmire coin. Fill up your health quick save and jump in the hole use shadow vision run through the hallway and go up to the rope and push the e button. Kill the guy above you and run around and pick up the spongites. Go out and you'll see some stones paper in the water go left and a little guy will be across the water shooting at you kill him with your distance spell make sure you have 4 spongites and jump!

E you started go back up both sets of stairs and keep going straight and you'll drop on some plat forms but you won't fall when you get to the bottom kill the bad guys and push that switch go through the opening turn left. Jump across turn left just before you go through and go push that switch go back and go through and jump up the stones sticking out of the wall and time the moving platform and go into the tower get the red skittle and push. Go over to it and jump across. (At this point you can turn right and do a little side quest jump over and push the switches and use shadow vision in the dark tunnel and it unlocks the locked gate near the stair case near the beginning. When you go back up jump on the plat form when it is going up if you jump on it when! It's going down you'll drown). Jump across the 2 plat forms and go aro und and push that switch.

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skye writing

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Now go behind the tikniki (opposite the forest entrance) and you'll see 4 lily pads and a turtle that will swim by ( I found this quite hard just keep trying) time it to review where you will land on the turtles back after the 4th. After killing them you'll see a tikniki fishing on a little island use your spongite to get to him and talk to him after the cut scene give him the! Fish in your inventory and he'll give you the fishing pole. Pick up the spongite on this island and jump across to neenu. She will tell you to face the buoy when you do that use your fishing pole you have to do this 3 times before anything happens after you catch the mud skuttle use again and then you'll get your last cut scene in the level.

Ogmire city you will now have impede and shadow vision in your magic inventory. As you look through the gate you'll see a switch on the side of the staircase run straight past that and play hide and go seek with the little guys and kill them with distance spell prismatic pulse. There are 4 switches you need to pull to open the gate on the stairs. Behind it on the left om that switch turn right and left the entrance facing the gate to the left when you're on the inside. I ran around and killed all the bad guys in each section when they got in the way of finding switches from now on I'll just mention where the switches are and let you kill the bad guys when you want. (Now we're looking for stone switches) go through the gate at the top of the stairs hang a left go in that direction and hit the switch (2 bad guys above you) turn around and go up the stairs turn right and leap across.

(This takes a little practice and can be frustrating just keep trying and use your quick save a lot). Jump across aver to the other side and kill the 2 birds and you'll see a tikniki on the right and the entrance to the forest. Go in the right entrance and stay to the right and kill everything along the way and you'll come out the other end, jump on the turtle and jump off on the bridge (jump on the lily pad and then to the bridge) turn right. Idge back to where you came from and jump across the 2 lily pads to the little island with the bug singing on it go to the bug push e and pick it up and get the fish while your there now turn around and. Jump off at the forest again. (What we're looking for is the green rain anytime you see this use true sight and a path will appear) Turn right and you'll see green rain this one has a red potion.

Coming out of this turn right and stay to your right and you'll find another green rain this one has a musical bug next to the water. Now go back to the entrance of the forest and face the forest and take the far left entrance and you'll find the last bug in that green rain (this section of the forest is by it self it will take you back to the. Face the forest again go in the middle entrance and take your 2nd right and you'll find your last green rain by a rock use true sight and go in and use the shell with the bugs on t! He heart of the forest you'll get your cut scene. Pick up the 2 skittl es and you'll get another cut scene from the bad guy and all the monsters re-spawn go back to the entrance of the forest again killing the monsters along the way. Now is where the fish come in that you have been picking up, if you have not don't worry. Over by the tikniki opposite of the entrance of the forest you'll see a fish jumping around just keep running back and forth until you have 3 give them to the tiknikis and they will give you spongites keep doing this until you have.

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Remember the pendant that Veng gave you in the beginning of the level? Load that on the screen with your quick inventory so you can see it all the time and you'll see 6 buttons with symbols on them 4 out of 6 match shakespeare your pendant push them in order top to bottom and she'll say "Yeah. Enter the cave and exit picking up your health plants and follow the trail up the hill and you get your cut scene and you're off to tikniki forest! Notes: The flying monsters in this level can be a pain there will be more i've noticed that prismatic pulse works the best against these creatures you have to hit them 3 to 5 times and they oliver will die dropping health and mana plants when. Tikniki forest to me this was the hardest level those lily pads just kicked my butt! Turn around and run to the end and get the fish. Go back and talk to nenu turn left and go to the edge of the water and kill the flying bugs (from a distance i find easier). You'll see a lily pad and an island with grass on it and 4 or 5 lily pads after that.

skye writing

Make sure you bring spongites with you. On the new island go straight push dna the button on the rock, go straight and follow the path killing the monsters on the way push the other button on the rock and a cave will open go in the cave turn right kill push the. Now go back where you started and go in that cave and push that button and go out and enter the new cave ahead and after you exit turn left and head straight push the button across from the flashing sign go around and quick. Once you're on this island follow the path and along the way you'll see a button on the right push it and head up the trail on the hill. Jump in the hole (make sure your health is pretty full you'll lose some in the fall) push that button turn around walk close to the edge of the water and kill the water worm monsters (I think they are 6 of them they will. Okay i've seen a lot! Of emails on this one.

helpful items). Kill the two birds as soon as you get on the island. Look to your left and you'll see a yellow skittle on an island and a big whale turtle looking thing that opens its mouth, go around the outer edge to pickup your spongite. (be aware that there are monsters in the water by the edge and the flying monster so be quick i did not fight them until after I got the skittles I'm telling you to get) Use your spongeite to go across and pick up the. Nd when the whale thing opens its mouth jump. (definitely a quick save move f2) It will spit you out and you will have the green skittle. (big note after the cut scene look straight across and you will see a button on the side of a mountain across from you which cannot be reached.) Open your inventory and activate your prismatic pulse spell with the yellow and green skittle. Hit the button I just told you about in parentheses use your spongite and go back to the main island and you can kill the pesky monsters now to get your helpful items. Return to where you got the skittles and jump across the stones.

Head back to the review catapult and use grunks key on it and go to the front of the catapult and aim it at grunk go to the back of the catapult and put the rock in and keep firing until you hit grunk. When you've hit him go pick up the message under the tree and read. Then go to gannish's door push e and read your notes for the pass word then push e again and skye will say the pass word. After talking to gannish you'll be back out in the village use your true sight and you! 'll see the sacred circle on the left by the tree towards the entrance of the village dorian will appear for the 1st time he'll talk to you then get on the sacred circle and you off to Ogmire Archipelago. Notes: don't worry about the tuning fork of the tree that you encounter in this level they come into play later in the game. There is no magic in this level so don't be alarmed. Ogmire Archipelago go into the cave and talk to veng he will give you the pendant turn around and go out the other opening and push the button. (It's best to dodge the flying monster at this point it's hard to hit with your staff.) go to the water and you'll see the stones you activated.

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From wiki4Games, jump to: navigation, search, error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination. Kelly Thompson for providing the main basis of this walkthrough. Here is the text walkthrough for. Lynlora, when you materialize you will see drakk in front of you. Get the rune mine behind you 1st then go talk to drakk, fight the guys in front of you turn right go 1 intersection and get the rumble stone turn around the way you came stay to the left and you'll see a tree. Keep heading in the same direction and you'll see 3 guys one with a key over his head kill them and get grunks key. Take the next left and go into the village keep in mind to avoid grunks arrows advantages head past the catapult and take a right into the market place talk to the 1st guy his name is Eeb he'll eventually say show him the bunny then. The cave (feel free to grab all the potions on the way) once you get to the cave equip your lamp fish and go in the cave you'll see a tuning fork on the left (don't mess with it or lose any sleep over.

skye writing
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