Sieve analysis of fine aggregate lab report

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Sieve analysis of sand. Silt content of sand. Bulking of sand. Fineness of lime. Setting time and soundness of lime. Physical and mechanical properties of reinforcing steel.

Gravity,gas Chromatography,saponification Value of toy oil, est General processing crude distillation Cementing techniques Drilling practices Drilling technology operations 03bpe -202 geology for petroleum engineers practical course/Paper: 03 bpe -202 bpe semester-iii. Normal Consistency of cement. Initial final setting time of cement. Compressive strength of cement. Fineness of cement by air permeability and le-chatalier's apparatus. Crushing value of aggregate. Impact value of aggregate. Water absorption of aggregate. Sieve analysis of aggregate. Specific gravity, bulk density.

sieve analysis of fine aggregate lab report

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The flat plate in uniform free stream with no pressures gradients. Approximate momentum pdf analysis laminar boundary aerofoil Theory. Flow round a body; Drag skin friction drag, pressure drag, combined skin friction pressure drag (Profile drag) wave drag, lift induced drag. Flow past sphere cylinder References Engineering Fluid Mechanics :. L.Kumar, eurasia publishing house pvt Ltd Fluid Mechanics and Machines :. White, john Wiley sons Fluid Mechanics and Machines:. Jain Fluid Mechanics:. Streeter, Mc Graw Hill Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines:. Bansal, laxmi publication New Delhi Fluid Mechanics With Applications : pta pta, new Age publications Fluid Mechanics for Chemical engineers : noel de nevers, Mc Graw Hillii edition 1991 Fluid mechanics for chemical engineers: James O wikes and Stacy g bikes, Prentice hall ptr (International.

sieve analysis of fine aggregate lab report

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Dimensional Analysis: Buckingham variables, model Similitude, force ratio, reynolds, Froudes Mach, weber and Euler numbers and their applications. Undistorted model distorted model scale effect. Unit - 5 The boundary strange layer: Description of the boundary layer. Boundary layer thickness boundary layer separation and control. The Prandtl boundary layer equation. Solution for cominar boundary layer. The momentum equation for the boundary layer.

Flow Through Pipes : reynolds experiment Darcys weisback equation. Loss of head due to sudden enlargements, contraction, entrance, exit obstruction, bend, pipe fittings. Total and Hydraulic gradient lines, Flow through pipe line. Pipes in series, parallel Transmission of power through pipes. Unit - 4 Laminar Flow: Simple solution of navier Stokes equations. Plans poiseuille flow and coutte flow. Turbulent Flow; Variation of friction factor with reynolds number. The Prandt Mixing length hypothesis applied to pipe flow, velocity distribution in smooth pipes, sough pipes. The Universal pipe friction laws, colebrook.

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sieve analysis of fine aggregate lab report

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Fluid Statics : General differential equation, hydrostatics Manometry, fluid forces on submerged surfaces. Curved surfaces, aerostatics, Isothermal atmosphere, polytropic atmosphere. The international standard atmosphere, static stability The international standard atmosphere submerged bodies. Unit - 2, kinematics and conservation of Mass : Flow classifications. Fluid velocity and acceleration, streamlines and the stream function. Pathlines and streak lines. Deformation of a fluid element, verticity and circulation.

Irrotational and Rotational flow. Conservation of mass and the continuity equation for three dimensions. Fluid Momentum : The momentum theorem Applications of the momentum theorem Equation of motion, eulers equation of motion Integration of Eulers equation of motion. Applications of Bernoullis Pitot tube, equation of motion for Viscous fluid, navier Stokes equation. Unit - 3, orifice discharging free, jet, vena contracts, co-efficient of contraction, velocity and discharge, coefficient of resistance. Orifices and mouthpieces summary nozzles and weirs.

Geology of Petroleum :. L.leversson, introduction to petroleum Engineering by geltin 03 bpe -105: drilling fluids and cements, course/Paper: 03 bpe -105. Bpe semester-iii, course content: unit 1: Drilling: Introduction, objectives of drilling, site selection for drilling, unit 2: Drilling Fluids: Types, functions, testing of drilling Fluids, selection and maintenance of drilling fluids, composition and invasion of drilling fluids. Unit 3: Cements: types of cements, classification of cement, composition of cement, test of cement, additive and cement slurry. Unit 4: Cementing: objective, equipments used in cementing, slurry design for cementing, various techniques of cementing.

Unit 5: lifts: types of lifts, objectives, pumping system, esp, gas lift, progressive cavity pumps, pcp rod pumps. References, oil well drilling Engineering, Principles practices :Rabia h, graham and Totmanltd 1985. Cementing : Smith p k, spe publications 1984. Cementing Technology : Powel Schlumberger Publication 1984. Reference book, drilling Fluids Processing Handbook the Shale Shaker Committee of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing. Oil well Drilling Technology: Mc Craycole, oscar Publication 03 bpe -106: fluid mechanics, course/Paper: 03 bpe -106, bpe semester-iii. Unit - 1, basic Definitions and Fluid Properties ; Definition of Fluid, Incompressible and compressible fluids, Fluid as a continuum, mass, density, specific weight, relative density, specific volume, bulk modulus, velocity of sound Ideal fluid Viscosity. Newtonian fluid, kinematic viscosity, effect of temperature and pressure on viscosity, surface tension capillarity, vapour pressure and cavitations.

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Unit 5: Economic geology: Introduction, variety of course, building stones, salt deposits, fuels and industrial minerals. References, geology : Parbin Singh, katson Publishers. Engg geology :. K.Dass, geology : Shailee, geology of Petroleum-. Petroleum rth, introduction to petroleum geology-. Petroleum apman, principles of Petroleum geology. Structural geology for Petroleum-russell and Badgley.

sieve analysis of fine aggregate lab report

Representative materials Sampling equipment - splitters, spinning rifflers, rotary sample dividers, and probes. Sample particle size reduction equipment- crushers, home grinders, pulverizers, and mills. Materials Characterization equipment - flow microcalorimeters for surface chemistry and thermal analysis. Unit 1: Introduction: Sub division Importance of geology in petroleum engg., importance structure of the earth, Environment aspects of geology. Unit 2: Petrology: origin, classification, texture and structure of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, engineering properties of rocks. Unit 3: Structural geology: causes and classifications of faults, folds, joints and unconformities. Unit 4: Engineering geology: geological investigation for site selection of tunnels, deep wells, reservoirs and mines.

nitrite, for fresh concrete, workability. Temperature, fresh Density, setting Time (At independent Lab air Content (At independent Lab). For hard concrete, compressive strength, flexure Strength (At independent Lab). Gilson Company, inc is a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory test equipment for construction materials testing and materials characterization, particle sizing, particle size reduction, sampling, environmental testing. A comprehensive selection of materials testing equipment for laboratory and field-station use: Construction materials testing equipment - standard test instruments for aggregate, hot mix asphalt, concrete, cement, and mortar. Soil, mining and environmental testing equipment - soil, gas and water probes and samplers, moisture and permeability testers, chemical analysis kits, and apparatus for testing coal, ores, and petroleum liquids. Particle sizing equipment - testing screens, test sieves, sieve shakers, sonic and air-jet sievers, sedimentographs and an automated sieve analysis system.

For fine aggregate, grading (sieve analysis material Finer than.075mm. Clay lumps friable will particles (At independent Lab). Organic Impurities (At independent Lab water Absorption (ssd specific Gravity (Apparent). Shell Content (At independent Lab acid-soluble Chlorides (At independent Lab acid-soluble sulphate (At independent Lab). Loss by magnesium Sulphate soundness (At independent Lab). Bulk density (Loose / Rodded ). Moisture variation, for course aggregate, grading (sieve analysis material Finer than.075mm.

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Aamal readymix laboratory is fully equipped and staffed to conduct a range of routine tests in line with the companys internationally-approved standard testing programme as well as providing extended range testing. Lab undertakes statistical analysis of local test results, issue monthly reports for the management information. Other responsibilities include the calibration of testing and measuring equipment, qualification and selection of raw material sources, updating of technical libraries, and the technical training and education as and when required. Our laboratory also specializes in the development of new products for special applications, and the evaluation of newly-introduced materials. In order to comply with the requirements of certain specifying authorities, and to provide a comparative assessment of the companys own testing accuracy, aamal readymix employs the services of independent test agencies on a regular basis. Their findings and test results are made available to customers and consultants on request. Tests carried out essay by aamal readymix Laboratory.

sieve analysis of fine aggregate lab report
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  3. Aashto t 27-11 is identical to astm c136-06 except provisions. Sieve the coarse aggregate using sieves ranging from 80 mm to 150 micron. After finding the percentage of fine aggregate to be combined with the coarse).

  4. Sieve, analysis of aggregate. Aashto t 27-11 - standard Method of Test for. Sieve, analysis of, fine and coarse Aggregates.

  5. Lab undertakes statistical analysis of local test results, issue monthly reports for the management information. Bpe semester-iii (Drilling fluids lab ). Measurement control of the basic Property of Drilling Fluids(density, viscosity.

  6. Sieve, analysis of, fine, aggregate. Vibratory micro mill for fine milling of small samples dry or in suspension. Vibratory, sieve, shakers for quantitative particle size analysis of dry.

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