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I really avoid making specific recommendations when possible because i'd feel pretty bad if I said "oh, this retailer is perfect for you!" and then you ended up having a bad experience. The truth is, you should usually pick whoever you're most comfortable ordering from. If you're not sure, do more research. Google/Bing the retailers you're interested in to find input from others, try posting on forums (slickdeals, redflagdeals, etc if the retailer has a contact form make use of it to ask questions, and just keep going until you're sure. If by the end you don't feel comfortable with any retailers, i strongly suggest you just skip the online stuff until next time. There's no shame in buying in a local store sure it's more expensive (though online prices have driven local prices significantly since 2006 but sometimes you can't put a price on peace-of-mind. I've never bought glasses before and just got my first prescription.

For someone looking for something in essay the us, m is another possibility. That said, quite a few retailers do offer that service now. If you've ordered from a retailer that you were really happy with in the past, it might be worth sending them an email and asking them if they'll re-lens your old frame. Even if they don't advertise it, quite a few will. Do keep in mind that because your frames are going to make two trips through the mail this way, there's a fair bit of added bentuk risk. Stuff does get lost/damaged in the mail. Asking about additional postal insurance might be a good idea. If your current frames are extremely valuable, this is a situation where you may want to eat the extra cost and have it done locally. Otherwise, be sure to package them incredibly well and take every precaution you can. Which retailer should I buy from? This is also quite frequent.

online retailer reviews

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This surprised me as being one of the most common questions. I've had input from a number of readers who had a lot of success with an online outfit called. They're bbb-accreddited with an A rating. Note that I have not used them myself so can't vouch for them personally, but theyve been around gpa for quite some time and i've yet to hear a complaint. Their site used to be very simple with a mail-order form, but it's really improved over the years. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, m was one of the first retailers to contact me years back mentioning that they added a "reglazing" (re-lensing) service. They are located in the uk though.

online retailer reviews

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Unlike most of the oliver large review sites out there, a retailer can't hire a marketing company to fill egrr with fake reviews. This site actually used to have forums, but someone started attempting to post some fake positive reviews there so i scrapped the whole concept rather than risk exposing people to tainted information. Of course, the down side to "insulating" egrr the way i have since then is that most of the information here comes from me and who's to say i can be trusted? That said, i do try to keep a balanced approach and always aim to look at retailers from a typical customer point of view. Usually as the guy from 2006 who was looking to buy glasses online and was having trouble. I like my frames but need new lenses because i broke my lenses, got a new prescription, or insert other reason here. Where can I get this done?

And tell me a little about the site. I started the site back in January of 2006. I was a regular guy looking for glasses, and wasn't willing to pay the 160 that Wal-Mart (the cheapest place locally) wanted for their cheapest frames and cheapest lenses at the time. I took my search online, but retailers were hard to find and finding information about them was even tougher. I couldn't tell whether they were legitimate or whether they were scams. After many hours of research, i had a lot of compiled information so i decided to put a few pages online with the information I'd gathered. As the only resource of it's kind, the pages immediately started getting a lot of traffic, so i decided to expand on them. Before long, eyeglass Retailer reviews was born. One of the strengths of the site (in my opinion) is that i've managed to keep things pretty unbiased.

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online retailer reviews

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Has ongoing "first pair free" promotion (appears to have pionnered the concept). Global eyeglasses F 25 (1.50 internet index) 44 (1.50 index) 5 / 10 Growing somewhat in popularity over time. SelectSpecs F 24 (1.56 index) 51 (1.50 index) free our / free based in uk, has US/Can/Germany offices. Eyeglass Direct B 33 (1.50 index) 74 (1.50 index) free / 28 Has local storefront in Brooklyn ny and offers "pickup" as shipping option. Great eyeglasses A 18 (1.56 index) 39 (1.56 index) free / 10 Site has a retro "60's" theme (bit of a must-see in my opinion).

Choice eyewear F 20 (1.56 index) 40 (1.56 index) free / 5 Formerly known as lbw eyewear. Myglasses unavailable 34 (1.50 index) 46 (1.50 index) free / 22 eyeglass Factory outlet F 40 (1.50 index) 55 (1.50 index) free / 40 Used to run an ebay storefront as well. SpecsOnTheNet unavailable 41 (1.50 index) 79 (1.50 index) free / 16 Based in uk, only 17 frames available. If you notice errors, please send me a quick email via the "Contacting Me" page. I've received a large number of questions from readers over the years, so here is a page dedicated to (hopefully) answering your questions:.

A few designer brands available. Historically known for interesting "cloth bag" envelopes which were always a conversation starter. Glassesusa f 48 (1.50 index) 137 (1.50 index) 29 (uv ar) Carries medium selection of designer brands eyebuydirect F 13 (1.50 index) 32 (1.50 index) 5 / 7 Runs frequent 2-for-1 sales (appears to have pioneered the concept). Zenni Optical A 12 (1.57 index) 29 (1.50 index) free / 5 Most popular discount eyeglass retailer on the web. GlassesShop unavailable 20 (1.50 index) 40 (1.50 index) 5 / 5 Runs frequent 2-for-1 sales.

Frames Direct a- approx 195 approx 225 15 / 45 Only carries high end name brand designer frames (largest selection of any retailer). Most popular name-brand retailer on the web. Since all designer frames vary in price, the listed total is based upon 150 frames. Optical4less unavailable 37 (1.56 index) 100 (1.56 index) free / free carries indexes up.9. Was previously known for excellent lens craftsmanship especially with complex prescriptions, though there are rumours that may have changed. Coastal B 62 (1.59 index) 113 (1.58 index) free / free price includes 7 handling fee. Carries a selection of name-brand designer wear as well.

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Again, i urge you not to rely solely on the chart to make your purchase decisions! Read up on the retailers, check a few out, and make a well-informed decision! If people are finding the chart helpful, i may eventually expand. If not, it might disappear at some point in the future, as some retailers change their offerings/prices writing frequently and it's really tough for me to keep on top of things. Send essay me a message if you have strong feelings one way or the other. Retailer bbb rating Total (incl shipping) for cheapest single-vision glasses Total (incl shipping) for cheapest bi-focal glasses uv ar coatings Notes: 39 Dollar Glasses A 44 (1.59 index) 94 (1.59 index) free / 25 Base lenses are polycarbonate (virtually shatterproof). Most new-user friendly eyeglass retailer on the web. Goggles4u a 17 (1.57 index) 35 (1.56 index) free / 5 Carries over 3000 frames.

online retailer reviews

Shipping is based on the us-shipping. Some retailers charge the same for international shipping, and some charge more. These do not take into account the ease-of-use of the site, retailer's reputation, the quality of the lenses/coatings, etc. You'll have to read reviews for those, though, i have provided links to the reviews on the site on the right-hand columns to make it a little easier. The table doesnt list varifocal/progressives. Or total frame offerings. Or a number of other lens options. I didn't want the table to get too massive just yet, and just wanted to provide ballpark at-a-glance figures.

the menu and you'll get everything about them all in one place. If interested in a particular retailer, select them from the menu. Otherwise, you can use the, prev and, next links below (and on each page) to browse through 1-by-1. Note: It is important to keep in mind that the table below is not a good apples-to-apples comparison. It's been added due to requests, but here are a few reasons why you should not rely on it: The total price is a little "ballpark". It uses a price point where a healthy number of frames exist. But you might find frames for less money, or might have to spend more to find something you like. Retailers all carry multiple lens "indexes" (thicknesses) at various price points. I have only listed the "bottom end" (thickest, and cheapest) indexes that each offers.

This site was created for those looking to buy glasses online, with a focus on cheap glasses (discount retailers). It was basically created over a decade ago (back in 2006) to help save some money, and has been updated periodically since then. I put together a list of all the online retailers I could find, dug up whatever information I could about them, and packed it all into information pages. In a number of cases, i also bought glasses from retailers, documented the experiences, took some pictures, and put up reviews. A number of readers have submitted reviews over the years too, and they can be found on the site as well. I'll keep this pretty short: This site used to be broken down into information, review, and reader-submitted review sections for each retailer. Unfortunately as the site grew, it made for an awful lot of pages to browse through paper (and a really massive menu).

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Shoppers, read reaviews and ratings from actual customers before you decide to buy online. The service is completely free and all reviews have been made by customers who placed an order with the retailer. Reviewers, give honest feedback about the website and the service you received when you purchased goods or services report online. Retailers, be proud to show potential customers just how good your service crease sales through genuine customer feedback, promote confidence and trust in your products and service. 1 months free trial, retailer login. Consumer view - reviews and ratings from actual customers about the service received when ordering online. Jump to in page and faq39 Dollar OpticalGlassesShopFrames eyeglassesSelectSpecsEyeglass DirectGreatEyeglassesChoice eyewearMyGlassesEyeglass Factory outletOther RetailersThe retailer Graveyard.

online retailer reviews
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The service is completely free and all reviews have been made by customers who placed an order with the retailer. GlassesShop is an American owned and operated online retailer of cheap glasses, delivering high quality eyeglasses at low, affordable prices. Brand new crazyncman series, airsoft.

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  2. I so far did two reviews on trivial products in mcm electronics web site. Unlike m, they rejected a negative review, and accepted a positive. Based on our findings, we can happily bestow our Most Satisfied Customers Award.

  3. Jumia the leading, online, retailer. This is an online shop if we say so that retals several goods and services from fashion to high tech. Helping people save money by buying glasses online since 2006. Reviews and Information on many online eyeglass retailers.

  4. One of the great things about. Online, retailer is not just the people coming in through the front door but also the other exhibitors. Online, prescription eyeglass, retailer, reviews.

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