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F) All the screws and accessories should be installed properly. G) door panel should be flush with door frame. H) no missing accessories. 5 window a) Window frame panel should be aligned and leveled. B) Gap between window frame and wall should be consistent. C) sealant around the window frame should be neat and consistent.

3, ceiling a no waviness or roughness on the ceiling surface. B no stain marks, finger prints and paint stain on ceiling. C jointing between ceiling boards and ceiling tee should be consistent. D alignment and levelness of the ceiling should be even and level. E no chippings, holes, cracks and other visible damages should be seen on the ceiling surface. 4, door a door frame door panel should be aligned and leveled. B) Gap between door frame and wall should be consistent. C) no dents, cracks, stain marks and other visible damages on the door panels and door frame. D) All the accessories such as hinges, knob, door stopper, door closer and etc should be in good condition with no stain marks or malfunction. E) door should be able to be opened and closed smoothly with no squeaky sound.

house buyers report

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2, wall a wall should be even and level and not more than 3mm over.20m. B wall squareness should not be more than 4mm when measured with l-square. C no hollow sound when tapped with hard object. D no paint drip and stain marks on the wall surface. E no cracks, chippings, scratches and other visible damages on the wall finishing. Jointing between wall tiles should be consistent and filled properly. G no patchiness and different tonality on the wall finishing.

house buyers report

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What are areas that we should paperless inspect and how to carry out the defects inspection by ourselves? The following checklist has been drafted by referring to the quality standards stated in Construction Industry Standard (cis 7:2006) or more recognised as qlassic. However, the checklist below shall not be used as a complete and statutory document in inspecting the defects but should be used as a guideline or reference only. Nodescriptioncompliance 1, floor a the floor should be even and level and should not be more than 3mm over.20m. B no hollow sound when tapped on the floor tiles. C no paint drips or other stain marks on the floor finishing. D no cracks, chippings and visible damages on the floor finishing. E shading and tonality of the floor tiles or timber panels should be consistent. Jointing between floor tiles or timber floor panels should be consistent and been filled properly.

This is just a quick snapshot. Theres more data, and a fuller analysis, in my latest. Current Market Conditions post. (Note for regular followers on my market reports, ive switched to quarterly from monthly. The 2nd quarter report should be up in mid July). Active listings (Sullivan mls) Closed Sales Jan 1 mar 31 2016 average average All single family homes 248,726 141,060 lakefront homes 609,285 454,095 Non-lakefront, 10 acres 417,409 267,392 * Closed sales compiled from sales reported in both the sullivan and Hudson Gateway multiple listing systems. Continue to the full Market Conditions Report with more detailed info and analysis. As a house buyer, what should we do when we have taken possession of our new house from the developer?

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house buyers report

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October 19, 2016 2nd quarter 2016 Market Conditions Report for Sullivan county real Estate. August 17, 2016, town of liabilities Callicoon to require permits for short term rentals. July 16, 2016, the volume surge and what it means for buyers. July 15, 2016 2 great under 300K farmhouses on market. June 27, 2016, its a parade weekend — trout and Tractors. June 10, 2016 (Choose a city above is optional). For more search options, click on Full mls search below.

Full mls search, market Conditions Summary — 1st quarter 2016. The 1st quarter of 2016 continued the upward year over year trend in saales volume weve seen for the past 3 quarters, with closed single family home sales in Sullivan county up 43 over Q1 2015. On the price side, the average sales price showed a modest.7 uptick, while the median sales price fell.7. The affordable and moderate ranges continue to be the market hot spots, with the upper end still sluggish, although with some activity pick. The mild winter weather has contributed to reasonably strong buyer activity into April, with limited inventory in popular categories continuing to be a drag on the market and possibly lead to higher prices as we move into summer.

Mobile friendly, no registration required. Basic, advanced and map-based searches, click this button to go to the full (dual) mls search system: Full mls search, or start with one of the following popular preset searches: New Single family listings Past 7 days. Lakefront Homes Under 300,000, lakefront Homes 300K-500K, lakefront Homes over 500,000. Lakefront Homes with 2 Acres, homes for Sale with 40 Acres. Homes on 5 Acres Under 200,000. Homes on 5 Acres Between 200-300,000.

Homes on 5 Acres over 300,000. Homes with lake rights Under 150,000. Homes with lake rights over 150,000. Homes for Sale at Emerald Green. Homes for Sale listed as Style: Farmhouse. Homes for Sale with Ponds, sullivan county real Estate Blog Recent Posts. Im here and alive, february 28, 2017, activity slowing — the election effect?

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'The introduction of deposits is unlikely to save make much difference. Wholesale changes are needed and essay we can't see that coming from the government.'. Before going house hunting, hire a real estate agent to help you find good houses and negotiate deals. Then, decide on a budget that's no more than 38 of your current monthly income, including bills. When youre ready to shop, go to open houses in neighborhoods youd like to live in so you can judge the available real estate, and look at comparable houses in the neighborhood to make sure you're paying the right amount. For tips from our real Estate reviewer on how to strengthen your credit and shop for a mortgage, read on! Did this summary help you? Sullivan county real Estate in the ny catskills. Sullivan county Property search, search for Sullivan county real estate in both the sullivan county and Hudson Gateway multiple listing Systems with over 2,000 properties in Sullivan county, from Wurtsboro to roscoe, listed by over 70 real estate brokerages.

house buyers report

One company looking to tackle gazumping is insurance and law firm gazeal, which offers a binding contract that locks buyers and sellers into completing property transactions from the minute business an offer is agreed. Once the agreement is made, buyers get a two week period to ensure they're satisfied with the property, within which time they can back out of the deal if legitimate issues with the property arise. After this, the contract is binding and could result in hefty legal costs recovered by the injured party if broken. Chain breaks More than 300,000 property transactions collapse every year due to broken chains and buyers changing their mind. One in 10 of those who incurred costs estimated them to be over 5,000. More than 300,000 property transactions collapse every year due to broken chains and buyers changing their mind One company looking to address this issue is estate agent Nested, which gives sellers a cash advance on their home sale if they don't sell it within three. Nested founder Matt Robinson said: 'The government's idea to encourage deposits is welcome. 'but it is not clear how they expect a buyer to deposit a large sum while being in the dark about the integrity of the property and title they are buying.

cent of sellers with a failed sale experienced gazundering. Why do buyers pull out of property transactions? Net buyer related reasons 69, buyer decided not to buy 39, buyer finances were not in order. Sale further up the chain fell through 20, gazundering 8 Estate agent couldn't find a buyer 6 buyer pulled out after survey results 6 Issues arose during conveyancing results 6 Other 7 Don't know 5 source: HomeOwners Alliance Unlike gazumping, in which a third party. Other common reasons for buyers to change their minds included chain breaks further up the ladder, unsatisfactory survey results or legal searches relating to the property throwing up problems. How can home sellers protect themselves? Gazumping Until the government's proposals become law, sellers and buyers will have to make do with the options that already exist. The good news is, there are already several of these - though take-up remains low.

Estimated costs incurred froailed sale. Cost Percentage, less than,000 16 1,001-2,000 10 2,001-3,000 5 3,001-5,000 6, more than 5,000 12, dont know/ cant recall 28, prefer not to say 3, average cost incurred 2,727. The research showed that in the vast majority of cases, 69 per cent, the reason for the sale collapsing was down to the buyer pulling out, not the seller. Buyers need to have a little more skin in the game added Higgins. 'An earlier commitment for example through reservation agreements would go some way to avoiding these situations. There are no laws in England and Wales against buyers or sellers pulling out of an agreed sale, so until both parties exchange contracts the home seller has no legal obligation to sell and the buyer no obligation to buy. However, the government recently help promised to encourage the use of voluntary reservation agreements to help crack down on gazumping, in addition to a raft of new rules to crack down on 'rogue' estate agents.

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Moving house is one of the most stressful and expensive things you can do in life, so when the whole process collapses and costs you thousands of pounds in wasted expenses, it can be devastating. New research shows the cost of a property sale breaking down has now reached a whopping 2,727 spent on pointless legal costs and associated fees for marketing your home. The study, from campaigning group the homeOwners Alliance and immo, a service that connects buyers and sellers online, found that more than 300,000 property transactions fall through each year. That means homeowners in England and Wales are spending an eye-watering 818million a year on property sales that don't materialise. One in five home sellers has seen the sale of their home collapse, costing 2,727 on average. Just under a third of collapsed sales happened as a result of the buyer's finances not being in order, according to the research, while one in five collapsed after a sale further up the property chain fell through. The frequency of property sales collapsing and the spiralling costs that accompany it caused two thirds of adults to think that both buyers and sellers should be forced to put down non-refundable deposits when an offer is accepted. And 80 per cent of uk adults would like to see buyers required to show proof of funds before being able to put in an offer to buy a property. Paula higgins, co-founder of HomeOwners Alliance, said: we often hear about hippie would-be buyers losing their dream homes as a result of sellers accepting higher offers but less is said about sellers forking out thousands in wasted fees only for buyers to change their minds, leaving.

house buyers report
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Millennials are the largest group. Landlords fury at being misled over what previous housing secretary had said would be consultation into encouraging longer tenancies. How to buy.

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  1. It s going to be an intense house -hunting season - especially for young buyers. After years of many experts lamenting how Millennials weren t interested in becoming homeowners, it turns out many are actually diving. But they re facing a lot of competition.

  2. Sellers may use cameras, microphones to spy on house hunters. A growing number of sellers are using wi-fi cameras and mics to spy on buyers as they tour their houses, raising ethical and legal questions. The cost of a collapsed property sale has hit nearly 3,000, but what makes buyers pull out and can you stop it? One in five home sellers has seen the sale of their home collapse.

  3. We recognize there is a lot to the buying a house or Selling a house, decision Here are the keywords to our business we buy houses georgia, how to sell a house, sell a house fast, sell house, georgia, we buy home metro Atlanta, sell. Sanctions for violating pd 957. A violation of the provisions of the decree and its implementing rules and regulations will carry administrative and penal sanctions.

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