Homework hurts trees

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There are many small rivers, channels, lakes there. The natural conditions of the delta are good for growing different rare plants, birds, animals and fish. All these riches of nature attracted people - hunters, fishers, poachers. They used these resources for hundreds of years and the number of birds, animals and fish became fewer and fewer. It was necessary to protect natural riches of the delta. That's why in 1919 the Astrakhan state reserve was founded in the delta of the volga.

Weve got a problem of ozone holes. Ozone holes and sun radiation cause cancer. People can do more to protect the environment. Scientists are looking for ways to make factories and cars run cleaner. Scientists are figuring out ways to make coal burn more cleanly. The government makes laws to protect the environment. We, doctors, think that: Pollution control systems must be introduced Some ecologically harmful plants must be removed strengths from the cities; More green zones must be created; The greenery must be protected and increased; noise in our cities must be reduced; Clean air programmes abortion must. Valentina sokolova, the director of the Astrakhan State reserve. The nature of the delta of the river Volga is unique and unusual. There is much warmth, light and water.

homework hurts trees

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Peoples careless interaction shakespeare with it caused environmental disasters. The most horrible disaster which happened in April 1986 befell Belarus and Ukraine and their people. As a result of the Chernobyl tragedy about 18 of the territory of Belarus and Ukraine was polluted with radioactive substances. Great damage has been done to the republics agriculture, forests and peoples health. Another dangerous problem is the problem of poisons in food. Farmers often spray chemicals to protect them against pests. Pesticides can cause health problems, especially for kids. The layer of the ozone does not protect the earth from harmful radiation.

homework hurts trees

Homework kills trees t shirt

Well help to save paperless energy in such a way and to get rid of wastes and pollution associated with the production from raw materials. I am happy to say that our government, scientists do much to solve ecological problems. The earth is our home. We must take care of it for ourselves and for the generations to come. Everybody must do everything possible to keep the land, the air and the water clean. Kobzeva kseniya, a doctor. My name is Kobzeva kseniya and i am a doctor. The ecological situation has become very acute. It is because of nuclear and hydroelectric power engineering which is very dangerous.

It hurts when it gets in your eyes. It also kills the plants and animals that live in the water. Thats why various kinds of fish are dying too. Acid rain makes the earth more acidic and some kinds of trees cant live in the soil that is very acidic. Littering is a problem of our cities, towns, villages. Each person throws away much trash daily. But it would be better if we try to recycle things which we throw in trash. Waste paper, newspapers, unnecessary metal thing must be saved and brought for recycling to special recycling centers.

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homework hurts trees

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If write nothing is done about it, one day nothing and nobody will be able to live in our rivers and lakes. Poisons in food are also very dangerous. Farmers often spray chemicals to protect them against the pests. These chemicals are called pesticides. Scientists have found that pesticides often end up in our food.

Pesticides can cause health problems especially for kids. Acid rain is a serious problem too. Chemicals called sulfates puff out of coal burning factories around the world. When the sulfates mix with clouds, acid rain falls and harms lakes, rivers and plants and the creatures that need them. Acid rain is like vinegar or lemon juice.

Ecology is the science of how living things are related to their environment. Many ecologists are concerned about protecting the environment from air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, littering. Other ecological problems are overcrowding, the problem of energy «leaks destruction of natural resources, acid rain and pesticides in our food. Let me speak about some of these problems. The most important problem is air pollution.

The main polluters are transport, plants and factories. As a result of air pollution the number of people suffering from cancer, asthma and lung diseases has recently increased. Another problem is water pollution. Companies dump chemical wastes into water. The rivers are in danger. They are filled with poisons of industrial wastes, chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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Speaking teacher: Today we have an unusual lesson. We have a conference. Representatives of different professions and layers of our society will speak about ecological problems. Let me introduce essay our guests to you: Maria aristova, an ecologist; Maria babushkina, a student of school 1; roksana barkenkhoeva, a manager of the fish-breeding factory; ekaterina zaimentseva, a citizen of Krasnyi yar; Valentina sokolova, the director of the Astrakhan State reserve ; Kseniya kobzeva. Our guests are ready to speak. I want you to be attentive and then youll be able to ask them your questions. Maria aristova, an ecologist. My name is Maria aristova. I am an ecologist.

homework hurts trees

old glass containers? 7 do you take your own shopping bags to the store? 8 do you use cloth towels instead of paper ones? 9 do you recycle aluminum cans? 10 have you ever received a recycled gift? (In two minutes the teacher picks up the sheets and gives them to the group of experts to analyze them).

I hope essay our presentation will help you. Now well watch the presentation called «Environmental protection concerns everyone». Look at the pictures and try to guess what ecological problems they illustrate. Read the questions and tick the answers. Then two students Melnikova olesya and gaibadulov amir will analyze them. You have only two minutes. questions Yes no 1 do you turn off the light when you leave a room?

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Vocabulary, revision: vocabulary on topic «Environment. Skills development, students will practice talking about environment issues asking and oliver answering questions about local environmental problems writing contracts, structures, review of tenses, modal verbs: can, must, should; gerund. Stage, purpose, classroom management 1, warm-up to introduce the topic and the goals of the lesson to encourage Ss calling the main ecological problems whole class 2, mini-research to practice answering questions about the ways of protecting nature. Individual 3, speaking to practice speaking about ecological problems and the ways of their solving individual 4, asking and answering questions to ask and answer questions about local environmental problems individual whole class. Writing to write a contract on nature protection group work 6, follow-up to practice reflecting on the activity Ss took part in individual, warm up, teacher: my dear friends! Today we have our conclusion lesson on topic «Ecology». We shall discuss many important problems, connected with our topic. You will exchange your opinions about this global problem; well speak how to protect our Earth, how to prevent further pollution of the atmosphere, and what urgent and necessary measures to undertake.

homework hurts trees
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