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This made me think of a backward loop in time, then meeting back where the loop started near the entrance to the park. Heading back home from the park i experienced the following in regards to hurricane katrina. I had a very bad feeling about this, including an almost overwhelming sense of sadness. Later I connected both of these incidents and feelings to your March 15th essay and meditation regarding the moebius Strip. Walking counterclockwise through the park last Sunday felt strange and was almost like being in a different world. Texas is, of course, right in the middle of the refugee crisis from the gulf coast right now, with thousands being taken in by houston, dallas, austin, and San Antonio, as well as outlying areas and communities. There truly are no words to describe the attendant pain and suffering of this disaster.

I drove nicole and Andy to the train station in Freiburg as they headed off for further adventures in Brussels. Just after we dropped them off, pat and I drove past 4 spiral sculptures essays on a street not far from the 'university'. Before the trip, pat kept 'seeing' spirals pointing downward and was elated when we found these just after the Black forest time correction. I could not stop the car long enough for Pat to capture all 4 spirals, but she photographed 2 of them. Email from Darlene in Texas, 4 September. Dear Ellie, last Sunday morning about 9:00 (August 28th) I logged the following entry into my journal: i am wondering if today is the day that Ellie is doing something in regards to that time loop she talks about in Germany. I always make a clockwise loop from my house, to the park, and then back home. Today, just as i approached the park, i saw a stray dog sitting near the stand of trees where two other dogs came after me last year. Deciding not to take any chances, i found myself taking a backwards, counterclockwise loop through the park. By the time i came back by the area where the stray dog had writing been earlier, he had moved.

forest our friend essay

Friendship, essay for Children and Students

When you were in Germany i kept feeling you pass in and out of the program. Normally i am aware, at least at a subconscious level, that you are here. It is sort of a reminder in the back of my head, or peripheral vision, that sort of thing. However, there were a few times that suddenly you were no longer in that little spot, it was as if you simply didn't exist on this, or any other, plane. They never lasted that long, but there were just moments here and there where i basically lost track of you, so to speak. Over the past week i have been staying up very late, much later than I would mething just compelled me to stay awake in my time zone. Though there was one particular day that I feel asleep very early, and was out, a very deep sleep for the entire night. Alas it was done and my soul recognized that it was done correctly this time! Andy and I came writing 'down from the mountain so to speak and joined Pat and Nicole and share experiences.

forest our friend essay

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She recognized Pat, but insisted that Pat was not important in what took place. She saw me with someone else doing something that brought great change to the destiny of the planet. She called to verify her visions, another confirmation. I must also add that I felt the emerges of many Crystalinks' readers at different times through out the journey. Marcus sent this email after I returned to new York. The significance of Katrina is e swirls are all the synchronicity of these things. It is a microcosm of the entire existence of duality, it is nature, war, desk famine, triumph, all rolled into one event.

In that moment I realized that once again it took the energies of male and female to create change, balance of polarities, and why Andy had to be there. The male would have to match my frequency, if only energetically. Though it was Marcus I connected with, as he is my partner in time, andy was the vehicle through which he worked, if only for a few minutes in this space-time reality. It was there that Andy and I had climbed a hill to re-sequence time and enter a new grid insert. This was hours before hurricane katrina would hit New Orleans in one of the worst natural disasters in us history. Ellie on Hurricane katrina After returning to new York i received a call from Mallory, a long-time client and friend. She called to share 2 meditations she had shortly after I left. In both cases, mallory saw me in a deep forest with several people.

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forest our friend essay

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Andy mentioned that he felt a strange sensation behind his head. Then I thesis saw Marcus come into him as Andy also experienced something moving into him from behind. He didn't seem fearful or confused by the experience, just mentioning what he was experiencing, as if seeming to know he had to be there. Andy's works in computers it, marcus' former career and as always a link with programming. Marcus is the admin of Crystalinks. Though I didn't initially know what I was supposed to do, in that moment the memories flooded my mind.

I created a loop connecting the Great Pyramid @ to upstate new York @ to where Andy and I stood. Once again we heard the sounds of gears turning. These were the same sounds heard in upstate new York on good Friday, april 2004 with Pat, marcus/Trae and Ron. Andy, was unable to place the source of the sounds, thinking they may be a buzz saw, but they were above. I knew them only too well. These were the gears of time recalibrating.

This illustrates how the archetypal symbol of circles and looping is fundamentally important to understanding human patterns of both time and our own actions. The point that history (human actions and activities) keeps looping, continually repeats itself, points to how humans understand time and its lessons in painfully limited forms., 9:30 am, 27 Saturday 2005, pat and I drove to Freiburg, in the morning, where nicole and Andy joined. This trip was very important and we all sensed it as we drove through the terrain finally stopping at a destination that felt right. View of Freiburg from above, we parked at the base of a tree and got out. We walked around getting our bearings and taking pictures. The air was crisp and clean, the day picture perfect as we slowly climbed up the hillside, a stream to our right, a wooden log serving as a footbridge over the stream.

We were all here on a mission, which would guide us along. We found an unusual alcove that Nicole and Andy explored. We wondered how it was created. After a while, pat and Nicole walked back to the area where we had parked while Andy and I remained above. We turned to face pat and Nicole, the stream now to our left. We stood there silently. Suddenly i felt Marcus' energies. I looked at my watch, 11:11 am, putting Marcus at 2:11.

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Just a stone's throw away sits the. Memorial to the murdered Jews in Europe, a both beautiful and somber reminder of the genocide that took place during that time. One of the most profound loops/connection was the controversy that surrounds this memorial site. This site, with its 2,711 stele and undulating walkways is a monument to suffering, anonymity, and somber reflection. It pays reverence to the psychological, emotional, and "spiritual" turmoil experienced by those who suffered during this period of "time." tree Cal himself noted how things "loop" around, are intertwined with one another, and for all intents and purposes, cannot be separated. He made a note of pointing out why there is so much controversy regarding this site: his point was that even the site itself, one that pays respect to murdered Jews, one of the major companies involved is financially linked to the nazi administration. Even more disturbing, this same company that was financially linked to the nazis, one of its major financial backers was former. Senator Prescott Bush, current. Therefore, the bush dynasty has in some way, shape or form, indirectly (or directly) profited from nazi activities.

forest our friend essay

It is here that the report reminder of looping and patterns in time really took off. Area of, hitler's Bunker. This is a picture of a bench that is situated right on Hitler's bunker (which is currently a children's sandlot). The name "Alexander. Sarah and Alexander, is clearly etched into the bench, with the letters aexa to the right. Cal, our tour guide, took us through the last few hours of Hitler's demise with his thick description. It was at this site that Hitler's downfall spiraled out of control.

to europe for that matter. The trip that we took circled through Germany via frankfurt, berlin, Freiburg, and Brussels. This was a trip filled with travel, adventures, and most importantly, reminders regarding the past and how integrated all events are into the present and the future. Understanding how looping works is a very important concept, on an individual, societal, and global level. One of the most important manifestations of looping was during a fantastic four-hour walking tour that Andy and I took in Berlin. Time and "Looping we started the four hour walking tour at Brandenburg Gate, and thereby circled through the major historical areas of Berlin. There were so many incredible sites, thick with history, far too many to list. Brandenburg Gate, one of our first major stops was Hitler's Bunker, which has subsequently been converted into condominiums (the surrounding area) and a children's play lot/sandlot (directly on top of the bunker).

Nicole wanted to help me with. Sarah and Alexander back in 1990, when I wrote the first draft and we felt connected to the story, but destiny did not dictate it the to be completed then, as we went off into other areas of our lives and the story evolved without own. Currently nicole is creating another book with me, featuring articles I have created in my personal archives and expanding on them. Nicole is currently 33 years old and starting her PhD. Program in Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison. She and Andy have been together since early 2004 when they met in Chicago, where she was teaching and working for the. Though Andy was originally planning to visit the university, as he is not into metaphysics, time restraints changed his plans. Prior to nicole and Andy coming to Freiburg, they flew to berlin.

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Black forest, Spirals, gears of Time, windows. Saturday 27 August, Freiburg, germany, before pat and I left for Europe, we meditated on the improve trip and saw swirls of energy. Marcus calls them 'time Swirls'. They go by many names, but are a metaphor of the spirals of consciousness the loops of time, our dna, ectoplasmic Rings, etc. On this day, pat and I joined friends, nicole and Andy, for a journey deep into the Black forest. Nicole and i know each other since 1988 when we met in a psychic development class in Brooklyn. Common themes including lifetimes linked to ww ii germany, time travel, and our reality, have kept us linked. We share an agenda.

forest our friend essay
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  4. Later I connected both of these incidents and feelings to your March 15th essay and meditation regarding the moebius Strip. Walking counterclockwise through the park last Sunday felt strange and. World Wildlife fund - the leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species. Transforming Peru s forest sector.

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