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And you can't market straight to their phones with any other method like you can with a mobile app. Every month, you'll get new, honest 5 Star reviews because of asking for them through your app. You will sell more and get more jobs during slow times when you send out notifications with coupons or opening your schedule. Imagine you are a car dealer and every time you get used inventory in, your sales people can immediately send a notification to a specific person who was looking for a similar type of car. Or as a restaurant, you can send out a daily specials notification to remind your app-holders that you are a lunch option, and you can whet their appetite to come eat at your restaurant. You can keep them coming back by sending out coupons, or implementing the loyalty programs which are all built right into the app and easy to use. As far as sending notifications goes, you can schedule them in the future for any day and time you want them delivered.

They have the option to click. Yes link, or a, no link. If they click no, it will route them to a web page we have created for your company that lets them know you want to understand how you have failed to satisfy them, with summary a feedback form they can fill out and submit, which. Either way, that customer was dissatisfied already and at least this way we have a chance of making them happy, or at least keep them from posting and spreading negative reviews about your company. We never bring up the idea to them of posting reviews about your company because if they did, it would likely be a one or two star rating with a bad review. Remember, you just want to find out how you are doing in the minds of your customers so you can fix the bad ones and trumpet the good ones. Here is the good part! The ones who click yes, affirming that they would recommend you, are sent to a web page we create for just for you that lets them know you are happy to hear that they are very satisfied, and that you want to serve them even. We will have links directly to your google Plus, yelp, facebook, or up to a couple of other pages where you get reviews, and we'll ask them to "please go rate us and leaveview". And that's it! Since email, social media, newsletters or any other method you currently use only have about a 10-40 delivery and open rate, you could never be as successful using them as you can with an app.

five star review

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All accessible through your back office. You can also let the app manage loyalty card programs. For example, buy 5, get one free. Spend 100, get a point; acquire 5 points and get 50 off. If you are a car dealer, this would be excellent for keeping your customers coming back to your dealership after they purchase their car by simply offering a free oil change after 5 are paid for (all managed right on their app plus you could. The main thing is to keep them coming back for service and the ever present possibility of purchasing their next vehicle-and the next one- from you again. But this is possibly the most important benefit the mobile app can give you. Once per month, you can send out a push notification to all of your app-holders, asking a simple question: How are we doing; would you recommend us to your friends, homework family and loved ones?

five star review

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What will or won't stand out is whether or not you have orange or red stars lighting up the page in your listings, meaning you do or don't have many reviews. We will get you enough good reviews on an ongoing basis to make stars light up the page! See that full strategy below. We search the internet and find all of your 5 Star reviews. We look through those reviews and ask you which ones you'd like to emphasize in 5 Star review videos. We set those on a schedule to be produced every month or two (whatever we arrange with you). At the same time, we create a custom mobile app for you that will enable your business to send notifications to remind your app-holders of your upcoming events, sales you are having, extras of some inventory you want to get rid of fast, new car. Bottom line is that you have a piece of real estate on your app-holders smart phones and you have access to communicate with them any time you want by  sending a push notification. You can send to all your app-holders or to specific groups or even individuals.

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five star review

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But what if you could get one included in a very affordable monthly package whose focus is getting your company more and more 5 Star reviews? Does that vpk sound good? There are 3 ways potential customers check out your company's reviews and reputation: Word of mouth, by searching your company name plus the word "reviews". Common sites like yelp, google Plus, hotfrog, facebook. Other than helping you get new customers who will be satisfied and tell others about you, we can't do much about the first one, but we can drastically alter the second and third method and swing the odds heavily in your favor.

Our whole reason for creating 5 Star review videos for you is because we can make those rank normally at the very top, as the first result on google when someone searches your company name and reviews. For example, bob's plumbing company little rock reviews. The video or videos we create for you are professionally done to the extent that your potential customers will think you spent stories thousands of dollars to have the video produced. And the 5 Star review featured in the video will have a lot more weight because remember, they are looking for a reliable, stable company and they deliberately typed in your company name to see your reviews. The fact that you have 5 Star reviews and thousands of dollars to produce first-class videos to promote your business tells your potential clints that you are a stable company, you have financial stability, you have glowing reviews from your customers, and you are likely. Some people search for company reviews directly on review sites, so when they type in your company name they won't use the word "review" as part of the keyword phrase, which will take them to all of your company listings on Yelp, google Plus, facebook.

We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The sun Online news team? Email us at or call. We pay for videos too. Click here to upload yours. Connecting sellers and buyers in a mutually beneficial manner, five star reviews aims to increase seller ranking by providing visibility to their products to a closed group of product reviewers.

Sign up for access, we will be launching soon. Please sign up now to get priority on the buyers list. Aggressively market, your 5 Star reviews! Overcome, negative or Low-Ranking reviews! Invest 5 minutes to read this page and you'll be talking about it a month from now, explaining how this was the best thing you ever did for your business. You will be glad you did! A mobile app can cost 5K-10K fo r set-up and 500 per month.

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Game shame, flooded with hardcore sex videos from Roblox, a video game for kids. Core of the problem? Apple engineer says pressure homework to design iPhone is reason Im divorced. Armchair trivia, test your knowledge daily with free quiz app q live and win a share of 500. Out of stream, two Brits jailed for selling Kodi boxes that let you livestream sky for free. The firm told Apple daily it is investigating just how the clip was successfully essay smuggled on to maps, and is working on strengthening the system's automatic detection mechanism. We've reached out to google for extra clarification and will update this article with its response.

five star review

features. And last September, google gave, local guides the ability to add videos to maps as well. But that's not to say you can post nude clips to the platform. Google maps' terms of usage states that it doesn't permit pornographic, explicit or sexually suggestive content. However, it's up to users to report the objectionable posts, which google promises to then swiftly remove. And it seems the company has done just that in this instance, as the video is no longer appearing on that stretch of road. Most read in tech, moon giver. Extremely rare blood moon to bring the longest lunar eclipse of the century 'delete this app mum's outrage as daughter, 7, is 'gang raped' in online roblox game.

This is the glory of being an experienced driver.". Viral Press, pinge road in Pingtung county's jiadong Township is otherwise stocked with mundane images of farmland on google maps. Viral Press, the listing is now witnessing a spike in five-star reviews. Screenshots of the 18-second clip are also being shared on Facebook groups in the country. It's unclear who the woman at the centre of boobgate is, though local media are referring to her as "western". Some sleuths claimed to have also dug up more videos by the mysterious flasher on her account but we've been unable to track down her page. The fact that she posted a video. Google maps indicates that she may be a local guide. That's the term reserved for users who regularly contribute reviews and photos to the the gps service.

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The naughty clip shows her checking over her shoulder before pulling down the report neckline of her pink top to expose her breast, while cheekily smiling at the camera. Viral Press, the 15-second clip showed the female flasher smiling as she exposed her breast. Viral Press, google maps users claim the flasher has also uploaded similar clips on. She supposedly uploaded the video to a quiet route along Pingtung county, taiwan, and it immediately stood out from the other mundane images of farmland and farming equipment. Local residents who'd peeped the viral footage joked they were driving to the village "straight away". One said: i've never thought about going there but now I want. It definitely seems like a lively area. The quaint country road is now witnessing a spike in five-star reviews, with another user commenting: "This is a great place! I'm not afraid to make a special trip!

five star review
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Five star movie review. Posted on Aug, 8th by admin. Keith Millers five star is a powerfully honest urban drama that offers an authentic glimpse into gang life in Brooklyn,.

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  1. Leave no trace review flawless, deeply affecting. Home ┬╗ Pillow reviews ┬╗ Our Down Alternative pillow (from five star ) review for 2018. Are you in the market for a new pillow but not sure which to get? We polled attendees on the most important factor in driving five -star reviews, and service came out as a clear front-runner, at 72, followed by value and cleanliness, tied.

  2. So when a consumer sees only five -star reviews. A cheeky tourist has reportedly added a racy video of her bare breast to a remote road on google maps, sending locals into a fluster and racking up hundreds of five -star reviews for the spot. Film reviews Music reviews Stage reviews. Five star reviews One star reviews.

  3. Why are five -star reviews too good to be true? We think its authenticity. Theres a healthy cynic in us all. We know nothing is perfect.

  4. The five star review Blog is dedicated to online customers, their dealer reviews and our professional dealership staff that helps to keep our customers happy. Drench yourself in either the moon light or stars, a favorite nightcap to a perfect day. View from living room onto lanai.

  5. Five star review app is the mobile app that does everything you expect a mobile app to do for your business, plus it gets 5 Star reviews for your company, like clockwork! Five star reviews aims to increase seller ranking by providing visibility to their products to a closed group of product reviewers. Sign up for access.

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